How to wall mount a safe – for valuables or guns

A wall safe will make it easier when hiding your valuables. The process of installing the safe is very easy provided you follow the right steps. Failure to follow the right steps you can end up installing the safe but thieves will cut it out and take with them. To avoid stress you should always follow the right procedure. You should first take your time and decide on the best safe which you can install. For example, you can install a safe which will be water proof or fire proof. If your house is more likely to be affected by floods, then a water proof safe will work well. The technology used to enhance security in the safe also matters. There are others which will use a pin code while in other safes you will use biometrics such as finger prints. Each technology will require your discipline for it to work well. Always try to make the pin a secret.


How to wall mount a safe

You will need to the following tools for you to install a wall safe: stud finder, pencil, measuring tape or ruler, level, power drill and a drywall saw.

1.To Wall Mount a Gun Safe – first find the right location

You should look for a place where the safe will be less noticeable by intruders in the house. Avoid common traffic areas where people can easily access it. Remember the main aim of installing the safe is to prevent theft of your valuables. The safe will be more effective if you will install it in a wall where people will hardly notice it. The location should easily utilize the space between studs.


2. Gun Safe Wall Mount – Locate your wall studs

You need to install the safe recessed inside the wall hence less noticeable. You can run a stud finder across your wall so that you will locate the studs in the location where you will like to install the safe. You can purchase the stud finder from your local store. If you do not have a stud finder, you can as well knock on the wall and listen to the sound produced. A hollow sound will indicate the position is between the studs but a solid sound will indicate a stud.


3. Mark your studs

Use a pencil to mark the studs. This is necessary because after you mark the studs you will know where to dig out the wall so that you will install the safe. The lines will make it easy for you to cut out the exact space where the safe will fit well.

wall safe

4. Cut out a small square of space using a drywall saw

After you have located the space between the studs, then the next step is to cut out the wall and create room for the safe. Start by digging a small space where your hand can easily reach before you proceed to dig a bigger space. With a dry wall saw you will find it easy to cut the small space.


5. Check for electrical wiring or plumbing

After you have cut a small space where your hand can fit, then you need to use your hand and check whether there are any plumbing lines or electrical wires in the space where you have decided to have your safe installed. If you were the one who supervised the construction of your house, then you probably know where plumbing lines and electrical wire pass. But, if you are not sure, you should check first before you proceed. If there are any plumbing lines or electrical wires nearby, you should be careful not to cut them when digging out the space where the safe will be installed.


6. Measure the size of the safe and then the wall for you to cut enough space

In order to create room for your safe, you need to take measurements of the safe then measure the exact distance on the wall. You can mark the four corners where your safe will be placed. The top and the bottom corners should be parallel to the ground while the sides should be parallel to your studs. The holes should be adjacent to the studs so that you will attach the studs later. You should always measure correctly so that you will avoid ending up with uneven sized holes.


7. Cut along the marks to create a hole in the wall

With the help of a drywall, you can cut across the marks so that you will create the space required for the safe. You can start by cutting between the top lines then the bottom and then finally cut the four sides. This should create the squire. After you have cut all the corners, then you will be required to remove the cut piece from your wall. You should be careful when removing the piece to avoid injuring yourself if it will fall beforehand.


8. Slide your safe into the hole

The wall safe is made in such a way the door is the heaviest. This is due to the locking mechanism. You should hold it carefully to avoid accidents. The door should face you while the back faces the hole which you have dug. Gently place the safe in the dug hole and ensure it has fitted well.


9. Fix the safe to the studs

In order to secure the safe in position, you should drill through the holes provided on the side of the safe to the stud. Ensure to drill till the holes have gone deep enough to hold the screws firmly. After you have drilled enough, use the screws to have the safe firmly fixed to the wall. You should ensure the safe has been installed firmly to the wall so that you will be assured of great safety for your valuables which you will put in the safe.


10. Insert the shelves

The wall safe has well designed locations for the shelves to be placed. Always ensure you place the shelves in the desired locations. Always line them up correctly. Ensure the cutouts provided for door locking mechanism and hinges are facing the right direction.

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