How to Store Jewelry and Valuables at Home

Storing your jewelry and valuables in a safe is the best way to protect it from damage or theft. However, what should you do if you do not need to buy a big safe to keep bits and pieces of jewels and cash? By following the steps here, you can keep your precious items looking good and well tucked away from prying hands.

Find the Best Location

If you plan to use a gun safe to keep your valuables secure, you need to scout the location before installing one. You need to check the humidity and temperature where you plan to fix it. Make sure the place you choose will not harm the valuables especially when it comes to environmental factors.

If you have a safe to keep your prized possessions, secure in the ground or cellar you need to move it during winter. Not doing this leads to items perishing over time. A fact is that the majority of gun safes have insulation features to protect it against fire. However, it does not protect your jewelry if there is a moisture buildup without heat present.

Use the Advantage of a Jewelry Safe

The jewelry safe has a great storage system you can place items in without putting it in harm’s way. Specific models have built-in drawers or compartments to separate pieces. If your current system is a locked boxed hidden behind the wall cabinet, it is time to update it to one of these systems.

Always prevent overloading the safe, as you will not find your bracelet or necklace in an overcrowded safe. If this is the case, you need to trade it in for a larger one. While your valuables protected from prying hands, it does not mean they are not still vulnerable.

You may have jewelry made of different metals and gemstones and can damage if not stored with care. For example, a diamond bracelet can scratch other metals and gems or other diamonds. Place the items separate in compartments in a soft pouch. Never use facial tissues or tough paper as it can tarnish the pieces of jewelry over time.

If you do live in an environment that is humid, consider placing a dehumidifier or desiccant in the safe. However, if you have opals or pearls never put them in with a dehumidifier. By doing this, it removes all the moisture and rather pick one that suspends the humidity. Further, you need to take special care of organic gems such as amber, coral, and pearls.

Remove them from storage occasionally and wear them to keep their luster as it encounters your skins natural oils.

hidden safe

Other Creative Ways to Secure Your Cash

If you do not want to spend a fortune on a safe to keep, your belongings out of harm’s way there are other creative ways to keep them secure:

Install a Security Camera

This is the most effective way to keep your stash safe. It makes a great deterrent and not such an expensive expense anymore. The modern security IP cameras are affordable and easy to install. You can place one at each entry point and a great way to keep thieves away. Further, security cameras provide video evidence in case valuables stolen.

Stash Cash in a Safe Place

The first thing a burglar looks for is your security safe. They know your valuables are secure or at least you think it will be. The problem is that most home safes can be broken into if the person has time. Today you can find thousands of videos online showing you how unsafe they can be. You need to think out of the box:

  • Hide spare cash in a book to mark the page you are reading and prevent them from sticking out. Place the volume back in the bookshelf as thieves will most likely not look for a book to read.
  • Make your cash cold by placing it in a freezer bag in between food items. Unless the burglar wants to steal food instead of cash, you may have a problem, but the likeliness of this happening scarce.
  • Fill up a mason jar with the role of cash and fill it up with rice, screws, and more. Whoever decides to look around the home will not even notice it.
  • Keep your old worn out socks and place the cash in the toe section behind other pairs of socks.
  • For the home office, keep spare cash in a filing cabinet in plain sight by using a file folder.
  • Now if you want to do the extreme, you can bury it in the backyard and go on a treasure hunt. Just make sure you remember where you put it in the ground.

Protect Jewelry in These Unusual Places

The worst place to keep expensive jewelry is in a jewelry box. The first thing a burglar will look for is a gun safe, and the 2nd place is the box that holds your prized items. You can use the jewelry box to keep your costume jewels. Do you want to keep jewels secure you need to be more creative?

  • How many times have you looked at a vase of fresh flowers standing in a home? You do not look at it unless it is a mink vase. Use it to your advantage and make a fake bottom to place expensive jewels.
  • Tape your expensive ring in an envelope to the bottom of your dresser drawer.
  • Keep old coffee cups to place your items is the chance is the thief is not going to make himself a cuppa before exploring your home.
  • Buy yourself a fake book that looks like a book but is a hiding place for jewels and cash. With the phony book displayed in between other books, no one will know the difference.

jewellry box

Other Important Safety Tips to Consider

You may have installed security cameras, bought a safe, and found some great hiding spaces for your valuables. However, to prevent break-ins, there are other important safety tips to consider. Prevent keeping large amounts of cash at home and take it to the bank. To keep your home safe, you need to make it less tempting for people to break in.

Throw away the boxes of expensive jewelry by breaking them up and placing them in the rubbish bin. Get yourself insurance for your valuable to cover against accidental damage or loss against theft. Prevent keeping valuables at home during the festive season if you plant go away.

You can rent a security box at the bank as thieves do not rest and a home left alone makes for the best target during the holidays. Another fantastic place is making use of the air vent space by installing a faux air vent unit in the bathroom or hallway close to the ceiling.

Moreover, if you need to take some valuables with on your trip, you can always get yourself a Pacsafe Travelsafe to use on the road.

Final Thoughts

Keep your expensive items safe is to make it time-costly for burglars to remove your jewelry and valuables. A hard to move upmarket safe is necessary if you own firearms and compulsory to be within the law. However, you can use other hiding places to keep your valuables secure.

If you plan to keep, your expensive items with your weapons make sure the monitoring systems challenging to disable and provides you with instant notifications. Always have a backup battery if there is a power outage and make it difficult for the burglar to reach it and instead use your smartphone as a backup for notifications as telephone lines you can cut.

We hope that the list of safe places to keep your jewelry and valuable help you to think about the best reliable place to keep your items out of unwanted hands.

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