How to to store guns without a safe?

Sit and think a bit back to your childhood—you could roam around free and have fun! How things have changed, today you need to wear a helmet, safety belt in your car, and have a firearm in your home to protect your family.

Now you may be wondering about ways for storing your firearms without a gun safe. If you own a gun and have kids in the home, you need to be cautious, especially if you do not own a gun safe.

We feel you need to invest in one, but if you do need to save up on buying one stay tuned, we have a solution for you. The safe is the most well-known option, but you do have other secret hiding places that are orthodox and unorthodox.

Other Ways to Store Guns

An alternative to using a gun safe is the gunlock box, a false wall, ventilation system, behind picture frames, or a false floor. You may think it is not a viable option; the important thing is you need to keep it in a not immediately obvious place. Or you can use the following alternative storage areas to feel at ease:

The Lock Box

You can buy the box at a reasonable price and customarily used for keeping small papers and money. The lockbox is ideal to keep a small handgun with a couple of bullets. The container is portable to use and easy to open when needed. You can buy two types of security boxes, one with a lock and another that works with a security pin.

Make sure the gun storage case has a lining and keeps the weapon secure in place. To prevent moisture buildup, you can place a moisture-absorbing chemical inside the container. But if you have a bigger firearm, you can look at the next option.

False floor/electrical vent/ wall

The option is a bit more expensive as you need to make a hole to create a false wall/vent/floor. For storing more than one firearm, it is a great option but not suitable for ease of access in an emergency. The false safe keeps your guns well hidden without anyone finding it easily.

Behind or Inside a Hollow Space

For the cheapest alternative, you can use a hollow space such as underneath a sofa mattress, under the bed, empty pots, and more. Check if you need to keep the gun unloaded when placed in these spaces. Further, the pistol needs to be within reach when in an emergency.

The Aeration System

For many, this is a good place to keep your gun safe. You have one available in most homes, and all you need to do is open it with a screwdriver. You can store your weapons and bullets together, and it is safe for both adults and children. The only problem is it is hard to reach.

gun bag

A Gun Storage Bag

The bags designed to store guns and protect them from damage. The storage bag offers you numerous features and needs to consider the size of the container. Think twice about buying a massive one as it will not hold the weapon secure and it all depends on the gun you own.

Further, the bag needs to withstand abuse external and internal. Pick one with firm padding on the interior as it protects your gun from damage when hidden in a secure place. Additionally, it prevents external elements such as moisture causing rust on the weapon.

Some other advantages they have are that you can take with you anywhere and it is easy to retrieve your gun. The gun bag also takes up little space. They are the perfect option if you have your weapon with you at all times.

A Gun Storage Cabinet

Compared to a gun safe this is your second option to keep your guns secure. With the cabinet, you can show off your collection at the same time. You can select a cupboard according to your needs and depends on the size of your house. Further, you need to take the temperature and environment into consideration as well. If you have loads of space using a big gun cabinet will serve its purpose well while a small one is ideal for smaller homes.

The cabinet needs to have a durable construction, and the interior lined to prevent damage to the weapons. With this method, your firearms are on display for other people to view. To restrict access, you should install a lock to keep unwanted hands off your guns.

And lastly, never keep the key close to the cabinet and place it in a safe place for you to reach.

wooden gun cabinet


The Basics of Gun Storage

If you do plan to use the above methods to keep your gun stored secure, you need to consider the ease of access in emergencies. While the Master Bedroom might not be a great place to keep valuables, it is the place where you spend most of your time sleeping. You can keep one to two guns using a Fast Box under the bed.

Another great location is the kitchen pantry and suitable to place a small gun cabinet. Burglars are not interested in the kitchen that much. Further, it is the place where you spend a lot of time throughout the day. In the case of an invasion of your home while in the kitchen, you have quick access to your firearm.

One more benefit is you can arm yourself and exit the door to prevent confrontation. Another great location to secure a firearm is close to the front door. You can place it in a closet, and if someone tries to gain access through the door, you have access to the gun.

Final Thoughts

The important thing is to store your gun secure and out of reach of thieves and children. By wrongly placing your firearm can lead to injury or death. The safest place to keep your firearm stored away is a gun safe. The safe might prevent you from displaying your weapons, but it is within reach when you need it the most.

To avoid accidental injuries and death, you can follow the above tips to store your weapons. The bottom line is to have a plan if ever a robbery or home invasion takes place. If you are not able to exit the home, make sure to find a designated area to keep the family safe.

A great choice is using the guest room with a locking door. With a Fastbox placed in the visitor’s room it gives, you access to your firearm in seconds.

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