Why Should You Store Ammo and Guns Separately?

Let us consider the following scenario—you have been out hunting all day, and you are wet and weary. You want to get in a hot shower, enjoy a meal, and hit the bed. However, as a firearm owner, you have responsibilities. Before you can relax, you have to consider placing your weapon safely back in storage.

Imagine leaving your ammo and gun lying around! The law can charge you for careless storage of the pistol if someone happens to get hurt. The truth is many firearm owners are accused of illegal storage at the hunting camp, vehicle, and home. The reason for this is that the regulations on storage, transportation, and display differ.

So to find out why you need to store your ammo and gun separately we need to look at the regulations.

Gun Safe Storage Laws

Gun owners are required to keep their firearms and ammo out of reach of others who could use it to deadly effect. The laws help prevent tragedies from happening. As a weapon owner, you need to store your firearm in a gun safe when not used, as you are held accountable if a child happens to get hold of it.

The law states that the gun must be stored in a secured container or safe and disabled with a gun lock. According to the US General Accounting Office, firearms cause 31% of accidental deaths. According to law, this can be prevented if you have a childproof safety lock and loading indicator to show if the pistols loaded or have a round in the chamber.

The majority of states such as Massachusetts, Connecticut, California, and New York require you to store your firearm and ammo separately. The gun needs to be in a locked container outfitted with a tamper-resistant lock.

ammo safe

Now to answer the question further, you also need to consider the gun safety rules compared to the ammo regulations:

Gun Safety

  • Always treat the gun as if it is loaded and always check it.
  • Always point your gun in a safe direction and be aware of where you position the firearm.
  • Leave your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot, as you do not want it to go off accidentally.
  • Know your surrounding and target and make sure it is safe to shoot.
  • Learn how to use your gun correctly from the mechanical characteristics to the load and unload.
  • Always store your firearm safe and secure to prevent unauthorized use as the gun and ammo needs storing separately. First, you need to keep it unloaded with a trigger or cable lock. The ammunition and weapon need to be stored in different locations for maximum safety.

ammo box

Ammo Regulations Not as Regulated As Firearm Sales

While firearm sales have various restrictions, ammunition sales are not that regulated. The following laws do not apply for ammo:

  • You need to have a licensed to buy a firearm
  • You must present your ID and have a background check done
  • The licensed dealer must keep a record of their gun sales
  • And high volume firearm sales are regulated

Tips for Storing Ammo Properly

As necessary, as it is to store your firearm you need to keep your ammo in tip-top condition. Neglecting to safeguard the ammunition will become a waste of money and could cause your gun to malfunction. Always make sure the humidity is low when placing ammo in an airtight ammo can. Consider using a dehumidifier or desiccant packet to keep it in top condition for long-term ammunition safe storage. The truth is that ammunition can last up to 10-years if not exposed to extreme heat, temperatures, and high humidity.

Can you store guns and ammo together?

How many of you store your guns and ammunition in different areas of the home? Just what we thought not many handgun owners do it. The main reason you would do it is if you have children in the house. For one, you do not want the kids to get hold of the gun with the ammo available.

You know how curious they can be and might want to try it out accidentally shooting himself, herself, or another person in the process. If you do not have children, this might not be an issue. For many firearm owners, it is more convenient to keep the collection in the same room, especially when it is an emergency.

But then you need to consider visitors as well. You always have family visiting, and you do not want your nephew roaming around and finding your hidden gun and ammo. So the best options to make sure the weapon and ammo securely locked away in a fireproof safe without any access and you are the only one holding the key.

Yes, we know storing your gun and ammo separate when in an emergency is senseless, but we do have a solution for you. For the best option, you can store all your ammo in a protected container separate from your safe. Secondly, you can keep your gun ready and loaded by your side or place it in the safe unloaded with the magazine close.

So what are your options?

The problem is that the looters knocking at your door are not going to wait patiently for you as you go and get your gun. So what can you do? First, invest in a high quality safe if you do have children at home. The gun safes available offer you quick access from fingerprint access to codes.

Never hide your gun and then expect to find it. And never give your access code to anyone unless you trust the person. Consider keeping your weapon and ammo stored in different locations. The fact is that a loaded gun with a box of ammunition is like a bomb ticking to go off.

This does not mean you have to place the gun upstairs and the ammo in the basements. Never leave your gun loaded in the home and always do proper maintenance checks. You do not want it to jam in an emergency, and it misfires. Always clean your firearm after use whether it is seasonal hunting or shooting at the range.

Consider a concealed carry to keep your loaded handgun on you and remain within the law. Never neglect the laws when carrying or storing your weapon. And invest as much time to practice with your firearm to stay up to date with your training techniques.

Never assume you know everything about weapons because you have some experience. Not every scenario is the same when you do face a situation. Practice is crucial and the more practice you get, the better chance you have of accessing your gun even if locked in a safe.

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