Stack-On 22 Gun Safe Review 2022 – a few things to consider

Keeping firearms in your home is a big decision and speaking to your family might not be a foolproof way to successfully store your guns safely and keep your home secure. Gun safes are the best way to keep your kids, guests and other family members, safe while in your house. If you want to keep your guns safe and secure, you should consider getting the Stack on 22  which features a drill resistant, fire resistant, hardened steel plate and a two way door with 6 locking points. This cabinet accommodates up to 22 rifles, or 11 guns. It’s designed with four adjustable shelves, standoffs for the scoped guns, gun barrel rests, and a flush mount bottom for an easy floor attachment.

What makes this quick access gun safe stand out from others in its’ price range, is its’ fully convertible nature and the electronic lock which features operational lights. It also features electronic lock light indicators for incorrect key entry and low battery. In addition to that, this gun and ammo safe is approved by Department of Justice as fully meeting all of their standards for gun safety.

Stack On Gun Safe Features

Build Quality

The Stack On 22 security safe is very solidly built and weighs at about 250 pounds. It has a lot of steel going into its’ sturdy construction. Even its’ sides are all steel plated. Since its’ made of a rather strong steel material, the safe cannot be easily broken into, and is capable of securing your firearms and valuables. Moreover, because of its’ sturdy build, it will not easily tip or fall over. With the children chasing the pets, and pets playing around the house, you never really know what might happen in case they accidentally run into the gun safe’s side. As you well know, restoring guns is rather expensive, fortunately, with this gun cabinet,  you will never have to worry about restoring the guns because of damages caused by the safe tipping or falling over. If you are tired of the poor quality gun safes which are weak and flimsy, this is the ideal choice for you. It even has a bolt on design, and after you secure it to the floor or wall in your house, you will feel confident knowing it’ll never be moved.


Space is another important feature to consider when buying a gun safe. Do not buy a safe that’s too small to fit all your guns and valuables. This gun safe is over 50″ tall, and offers adequate space for your rifles and guns. The interior measures at around 11 cubic ft, and one can place the taller guns inside without ever worrying about scraping the safe’s top or damaging the guns. It also comes with 4 easily adjustable shelves which means that whenever you need some more space, you can simply re-position the shelves and enjoy a little more space. The shelves also fit around the taller guns, and can hold the gun barrels in place thus prevent slipping. More shelves can be added if you’re looking for this gun cabinet to be only for smaller firearms or other small items/goods.

The Stack On 22 Safe features a new door storage organizer which maximizes storage. The door storage system includes some removable and zippered bags which let users pack and store their gear in a short time. There’s also a large document pocket and some removable holsters for storing pistols.


This is a very sleek and attractive safe which would make a great addition to your closet or the storage space. The safe’s exterior has a black matte finish which is absolutely beautiful. The safe’s exterior also features black electronic lock keypad along with an elegant looking handle. On the inside, the safe’s interior is completely carpeted with gray upholstery to protect your guns and valuables from scratches, dents and dings. The upholstery does not only protect the firearms, but it also muffles sounds very well. The interior is also fully customizable which means that you can customize the space to fit your particular needs; the 4 horizontal shelves which the safe comes with, are all removable and adjustable, while its’ center vertical divider, is a fixed or permanent feature.

StackOn 22 Gun Cabinet
StackOn 2 Gun Safe

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This safe with electronic lock meets the highest standards of safety as set by the various government establishments. The security safe features a 3 number combination lock with a two way locking system. The electronic lock build has a drill-resistant steel plate behind it which can prevent anybody from getting in using any kind of power drill. In terms of the safety components, this safe uses 2 way locking bolts which are made of solid one inch steel located on the safe’s opening side of door. It also has 6 locking points wherein the 1 inch metal pieces latch onto, for the best protection of your guns and valuables. In addition to the aforementioned security features, the safe’s hinges are properly concealed so that prying hands can not easily pry them open; the hinge side steel dead bolts offer added security.

The locking mechanism of this safe is almost impossible to break. However, it’s advisable to bolt the gun safe down, or secure it onto the floor or wall since it can be lifted away by 2 men who are bent on stealing your valuables and guns.

Packaging and Shipping

For those who are concerned about packaging, shipping and delivery, you should know that this pistol, rifle and ammo cabinet is shipped through freight trucking service. The shipping company will contact you in order to schedule the delivery appointment, therefore make sure there’s someone at home at the delivery time you scheduled. It’s recommended to have some assistance available to help you move it to its’ final location. That said, you should know that the packaging for Stack On SS 22 MB is very solid, and your item will be delivered in perfect condition.

Size and Dimensions

Knowing the real size of a gun safe and not just internal storage capacity claims made by the that the manufacturer, can help you get a good idea of what you’ll be able to safely fit inside. The safe’s external dimensions measure at 59″ high, 26.82″ wide, and 17.63″ deep. Well, in centimeters this is approximately 150 by 68 by 44.8. The internal dimensions measure at 54.96″ high, 26.61″ wide, and 14.83″ deep. The height allows for easy storage of long rifles and other types of long guns; as mentioned earlier the safe can hold guns with a height of of up to 54″ however, squeezing anything that’s longer than that, is almost impossible.

Extra Features

This firearms safe come with comprehansive instructions which are simple and easy to follow. The instructions come with numerous different pictures which explain how to assemble, how to attach the safe onto the floor or wall, and how to adjust the shelves. Most users say that it takes about one hour or less to unpack the item, assemble and attach it onto the wall or floor. That said, you should know that some users might experience some problems figuring out the safe’s shelves, even with the easy to follow and clear instructions. Stack On does not mark which exact side of the shelf is bottom and which side is top, however, this should only add 1 or 2 minutes to your the entire installation time. Users even have the choice of completely removing the shelves; while this gives you some more space, you will still have to deal with barrels rubbing against one another.

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To keep the long guns properly organized there is the special Stack On patented barrel rests which don’t compress or even deteriorate over time. In addition to that, there is the patented standoffs which are ideal for easier storage and better protection of the scoped long rifles; this provides 1 position of storage instead of taking up 2 or 3 times the amount of space in the safe.


A strong gun safe brand should be able to offer a warranty to its’ customers. Stack On is a strong and dependable brand, and it offers different types of warranties to its’ clients depending on the item you purchase from them. The warranties they offer range from 1 year limited warranty, to a lifetime warranty. The prices vary and depend on the quality and features of the item or safe you buy. This particular safe is no exception and comes with a good warranty. That said, you should know that the warranty doesn’t cover any accidental or intentional damages.


-It can hold up to about 22 firearms which are 54 inches tall, or 11 firearms; this means that it can meet the needs of many different people.
-The exterior is very attractive and elegant. The safe’s interior is also very beautiful. it has a matte black paint finish which does not only make it look very elegant, but it also makes it look classy.
-It features 3 number combination lock system with drill resistant and hardened steel plate which provides greater safety.
-It can hold all kinds of assorted large weapons including, but not limited to; crossbows, shotguns, auto rifles, among many others, and still leave enough space for storing your personal documents and other valuables.
-It’s easy combination access, adequate storage space and high security features, are in total tandem with many rating agencies.
-The solid packaging during shipping helps cushion the product from damages even if the external carton happens to get damaged.
-It has a really sturdy and solid construction, it has a very durable design, and it is well carpeted on the inside.
-Customers who have bought this gun safe seem to agree that the safe is very well priced and that it delivers good value for the money.
-The removable shelves are a huge benefit as users will be able to create a safe interior that’s best suited for their particular personal needs.
-It is DOJ approved.

Stack-on SS-22-MB-E 22
Stack-on SS-22-MB-E 22

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-The combination lock doesn’t have any change key for setting your own combination.
-The other downside to this safe is that it’s not fire resistant, but that is a trade-off for the price.


-Interior Capacity; Holds up to 22 rifles or 11 guns
-Interior Cubic Feet; 11 (that is, 18918 cubic inches)
-Locking Points; 6 (three 1 inch live action bolts, three steel dead bolts)
-Number of Shelves; 4
-Color: Matte black
-Lock Style; Electronic lock

About Stack On Company

Stack On company has been in the safe manufacturing business for over 40 years. The company may not be as old as some other more established gun safe manufacturers, but it’s already a very well recognized brand and offers great options for those looking for high quality, dependable gun safes. Since its’ inception in the year 1972, they have supplied a wide range of products which meet the various needs of different people from mechanics and hobbyists, to sportsmen and maintenance personnel. As one of the leading gun safe brands, Stack On has dedicated itself to providing top quality storage solutions offices, homes, industries. Apart from gun safes, some of the major products which Stack On company offers include; tool chests, work benches, storage boxes, among many others. The company’s headquarters are situated in Wacounda, IL, alongside its’ manufacturing and warehousing. Its’ distribution center is located Northeast Illinois.

Stack On SS 22 Gun Safe Review Conclusion

The Stack On SS 22 MB gun safe is a relatively popular choice for rather obvious reasons. It benefits those who prefer elite gun safes for a very reasonable price, and it offers gun owners all the safety and security they need. The safe is simple in its’ build and offers plenty of storage space and sufficient security; this makes the safe a must have for avid hunters and gun enthusiasts. This model is a truly reliable gun holder and you can use it to not only store your guns, but also for your personal files and belongings. Overall thit is a very good gun safe which delivers good value for the money. It’s the perfect gun safe for any household that’s looking to protect their valuables and guns from the falling into hands of kids or thieves. The safe also offers great protection against the thieves with its’ strong interior hinges, six locking points, and the hardened steel exterior. This security safe is actually one of the very best options available at its’ price point.

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