Interior and Shelving Ideas For Gun Safes

You have purchased the best gun safe to keep your firearms and valuables safe. However, now you are standing in front of it struggling to find items at the back, as it is overcrowded.

To get the most out of your gun safe, you can pimp it up with some internal changes to keep it organized. Further, you can use some great accessories to help make finding items inside the safe an easier task.

Here we have listed some of the top gun safe interior and shelving ideas to make your safe more accessible.

Add Some Lighting to Your Gun Safe

The majority of gun safes come with standard lighting and is not bright. Once you start building your collection it becomes challenging to find things, but you can solve the problem with the following:

    • You can use a Liberty light kit with a pushpin mounting. The set works with LED lights, powered by batteries, and needs no power outlet or drilling of holes. You can adjust the shut-off timer to help conserve the battery life.
    • Other solutions to get the Browning light kit with six tubes and mount that offers you a full blaze of light. Everything is included in the set and works with an AC outlet.
    • Another fantastic light is the Stack-on battery powered directional light kit. You get one strip with three globes, and you can position each light to focus on essential areas of the safe.
Liberty Gun Safe Lighting Kit

To help brighten up the exterior of the combination lock, you can look at the magnetic Cannon light that you can attach to the dial.


Gun Safe Interior Shelving Solutions

If space is at a premium, gun safe shelves and other accessories will help store items efficiently and help reclaim some lost space.

Rifle Rods

Do you own long guns and want to prevent stacking or laying the firearms too close, look at the rifle rod. With the accessory, you can reclaim lost space up to 30%. You can buy it in a variety of kits and sizes that works best with your rifles. Pick a starter kit consisting of 20 rifle rods with a loop fabric. Alternatively, you can pick a 10-pack starter kit or buy add-ons. You might also be interested in my other post on the top pelican cases.

Gun Magnets and Magnetic Barrel Rest

By installing multiple gun magnets, you can keep your firearms and magazines organized. You can use them attached to the door to keep your loose handguns accessible when needed. The fantastic thing is you can use it with bigger guns to prevent horizontal clutter on shelves. You can use the magnets on the inside and outside of the safe.

Maybe you have loads of magazines and leads to disorganization in the gun safe. Install a magnetic magazine mount to prevent them from ending up in a pile. You can attach it to the door or below the shelves. The last option to use is the magnetic barrel rest on the inside or outside of the gun safe.

Barrel Rest

You can do this by placing it on the inside wall of the safe to rest the rifles on.

Handgun & Magazine Hangers

Here is another painless way to keep your handguns organized with hangers specially made for your firearm. You do not need to drill holes and can use 3M tape to keep it secure. They are easy to use and remove as the hanger slips into the barrel and hooks onto the gun safe shelf.

You can use it with rifles as well by using the longer side to attach the barrel of the gun. Compared to the gun magnet your weapons will hang lower and may reduce storage space. As with the handgun hanger, you can buy magazine hangers that are ideal for quick reloading. You can hang up to six magazines on the shelf.

Pistol Stands

To fit more handguns in the safe without stacking them you can use a pistol stand. You can find them in two sizes holding from 4 to 6 pistols upside down. Stack-on provides you with one that you can stack on top of each other and is great to use in small spaces.

Bow Storage

Instead of leaning your bow in the corner of the safe use a bow hanger, that fits the Axis mounting system. There are different brands available, and Liberty makes some of the best mounts to use with wooden gun safe shelving if needed.

rifle rods

Gun safe organization ideas

Now if you want to go a more affordable way instead of buying a door panel, you can make your own. This is an ideal solution, as the majority of gun safe organizers do not hold much gear.

    1. Buy a couple of MOLLE rear set organizing panels as they have external and internal pockets.
    2. Have someone sew them together with an added section to make the organizer longer.
    3. Now you remove one pocket and add MOLLE straps where the pockets removed.

  1. After completing the organizer, you can use single magazine pouches attached with Velcro
  2. With the MOLLE straps attached, you can secure it to the door of the safe.

More Gun Safe Storage Ideas

The important thing is to prevent using large or big pouches, as it will fill up your gun safe. Alternatively, if you do not want to go through all of this you can look at some of the following door organizers:

  • The Stack-On SPAO-148 door panels built for the Stack-On Rifle Safe. The organizer mounts easily and has a deep pocket at the bottom. Further, it has built-in straps to keep walkie-talkies, and it works well with longer safes as well.
  • The Liberty door organizer is suitable to use with larger safes. There is enough space to keep four handguns in its holster. Furthermore, it has pockets to hold knives, magazines, and more.
  • The Browning door panel kit is suitable to store documents and helps de-clutter your safe. Included are four holsters for your pistols.
  • Last on the list is the Stealth Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer with Pistol Kit. The fantastic thing is you keep your handguns rearranged with the Velcro. You can buy magazine pouches or customize your own pockets with Velcro strips.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your gun safe organized is all up to you. However, we hope that our post helps you to find the perfect solution to help maximize storage space. With the above interior modifications, you can keep your safe organized if your gun safe has minimal storage space. If you do have, any suggestions on how to add interior shelving make sure to let us know. We would love to hear your ideas.


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