How to keep a gun safe dry

Most gun owners know that it’s important to keep their guns inside the safe, clean and dry. But what’s the best way to do this? Here are a few tips to help you keep your gun safe and dry.

1)Get a waterproof gun safe

If you have a gun in your home, it’s important to protect it from water damage which can cause irreparable harm. Investing in a gun safe that is specifically designed with waterproof features can be life-saving. Not only should you look for an airtight seal to keep out any sources of moisture and humidity inside, but you should also make sure the design of your gun safe fully encloses the entire firearm. Having a reliable and secure waterproof gun safe will give you peace of mind that you’re not compromising on protection and no matter how hard it rains or how high the humidity gets, your firearms are protected!

2)Reduce exposure to direct sunlight or heat

One of the most important things to keep in mind when storing your firearm is that it needs to be kept away from any type of direct sunlight or heat. Heat can cause moisture inside to increase. If you don’t position your safe well, you risk decreasing its lifespan and value as a piece of valuable property. The best way to protect your weapon is by using a gun safe and positioning it in a cool, dark part of your home. Doing that will ensure that the temperature and lighting of your gun safe remain relatively constant and that any materials inside won’t get too hot. Moreover, reinforcing its reliability when it comes to safety against theft or unauthorized use.

3)Check regularly for signs of excess moisture

When it comes to gun ownership and storage, nothing is more important than keeping your gun safe in good condition. Checking the gun safe regularly for any signs of moisture or condensation is key to make sure your firearms stay at their peak performance. Humidity can quickly corrode metal and other material parts of the gun, leading to a decrease in reliability and safety when using them. On top of that, the appearance of your firearms might begin to suffer as well. So take some time every so often to take a look inside your gun safe and make sure that everything dry and moisture free – it’s better to be safe than sorry!

4)Silica Gel Packs Help Absorb Moisture

Another great way to keep your gun safe and dry is by using silica packs, which acts as a gun safe dehumidifier. A silica gel pack at good at absorbing moisture from the air, thus keeping your gun safe completely dry. Simply place silica gel in the bottom and near the corners of your gun safe – this will allow them to slowly and effectively draw out any excessive moisture. The silica gel also needs to be replaced every few months, so make sure you keep track of when to do this. Additionally, silica gel helps protect your firearms against rust and corrosion, prevent moisture damage and stop it from building up inside the gun safe. Keeping silica gel packs in your gun safe will give you an extra layer of assurance that your firearms are safe and secure.

gun dafe dehumidifier - silica gel

5)Baking Soda

The last tip to keep your gun safe and dry is baking soda. Baking soda has natural absorbing properties that make it great for drawing out water and preventing moisture from coming back. All you need to do is sprinkle the sodium bicarbonate in the bottom of your gun safe and let it sit there overnight. This will help absorb all the moisture trapped inside and protect your firearms from rust and corrosion.


As strange as it may sound, rice can be an effective way to keep your gun safe and dry. Rice has natural absorbing properties that will help keep moisture from the air. Place a small cup filled with rice in the bottom of your gun safe – this will absorb any existing moisture and prevent moisture from settling in. Over time, rice will degrade and need to be replaced – so it’s important to check your rice regularly and make sure it’s still doing its job! With rice, gun safes can remain dry and moisture-free for the long haul.

7)Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

Another great way to protect your gun safe from moisture is by using a gun safe dehumidifier. These units draw out the excess moisture in the gun safe, keeping it at a comfortable humidity level. Make sure to buy gun safe dehumidifier that’s specifically designed for gun safes so that you know it won’t be too powerful or even too weak. A gun safe needs to be in a very specific range when it comes to their humidity level and gun safe dehumidifiers, such as Golden Rod, will make sure that’s taken care of. As an added bonus, electric dehumidifiers are relatively inexpensive and they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and designs so you can pick one that matches the aesthetics of your gun safe. For a relatively low cost, you can keep your gun safe moisture free.

8)Light Bulb

Light bulbs can also be used to keep your gun safe and dry. Place a light bulb in the bottom of the gun safe – the light bulb will produce heat which helps evaporate any moisture that may have accumulated inside. Just make sure to use light bulbs with low wattage – you don’t want it to become too hot as this could damage the contents inside. Additionally, light bulbs need to be replaced every so often – so make sure to keep track of when you do this and how long it takes for your light bulb to produce its desired heat. With light bulbs, your gun safe will remain free of moisture for a long time.

9)Keep your guns oiled and clean to prevent rusting

Taking good care of your guns is just as important as knowing how to use them. One main aspect of gun maintenance is ensuring that all parts are routinely cleaned and kept oiled. This will help to prevent rust from forming, which can affect the accuracy and performance of a firearm over time. It’s therefore important to establish a regular cleaning and oiling routine for your guns, even if you don’t use them very often. Doing so will keep them in top condition and make sure that you’re able to reap the full benefits from having firearms when it comes time to use them!


It is important to take into account the location of your gun safe and how water resistant it is. Make sure to keep your guns clean and oiled so that they will not rust, and remember to regularly check for any moisture or condensation build-up.

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