Can you use a gun safe as a Faraday cage?

With everything going on in the world, you do not want to be unprepared for anything that may come your way.

Why, because humans are the cause of mass destruction and unfortunately it is we who have nothing to do with the devastation that suffers.

So why is everyone asking this critical question if you can use a gun safe as a Faraday Cage!

Maybe it is the first time you have heard this word to answer the question you first need to know what it is and why people use it.

What is The Faraday Cage?

The Faraday Case is an electronic isolation chamber or special container and prevents electronic signals from passing through. What happens is that electrical pulses move around the cage but does not enter through it.

A layer of metal materials used as a protective skin to block out signals and prevent it from passing through the container. On the inside of the enclosure the electronics separate from the outer layer by using a non-conductive insulator like wood, glass, cardboard, or plastic.

The enclosure itself can be small to large, but the gaps for opening usually are small and remains closed. So why do people use the Faraday Cage?

The chambers used when testing electronic devices in the engineering world. Scientists use it to see how electrical devices react to the lack of signals. Further, it helps to determine if an apparatus is emitting harmful radiation.

Take your smartphone antenna it was most likely tested in one of these cages to see if it is safe for humans to use. Furthermore, it helps prove that there is no energy leakage at frequencies found outside the cell phone spectrum.

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The truth is you are using a Faraday Cage in your home such as a microwave oven. The mesh screen on the door prevents the high-energy microwave radiation from leaking out when used.

Even elevators have the same construction as you find cell phone “dead zones” as the metal door is the conductive skin and blocks the signals. And to top it the entire box serves as spy prevention to prevent electronic eavesdropping.

faraday cage emp protection

So Why Should You Have One

There are many reasons as to why you need a Faraday Cage, but the important thing is it will keep your electronics safe and protected from damage. Here we have selected a couple of reasons why you would want to keep your devices safe:

  • To prepare for a solar flare – this is a massive blast on the surface of the sun and produces electromagnetic radiation (X-rays.) Scientists classify it into three groups the first one is the strongest X-class flare. The flare causes radio blackouts around the world. The 2nd one is the M-class flare causing a short radio block out affecting the Earth’s Polar-Region. And the last one is a C-class flare causing small noticeable consequences.
  • Preparing for an Electromagnetic Pulse Attack – as nuclear power grows it leads to concerns, as a nuclear attack is high on the list. Once an EMP blast happens, it causes significant destruction as it uses the Earth’s magnetic field to enhance the effect.
  • Prevents cell phone tracking – the truth is all modern phones are equipped with GPS and may help you navigate to a place but also helps mobile providers track your location. The information is stored for a limited time, but it is unclear how long they keep these records. By blocking the signal, you prevent the GPS tracking your phone.
  • Prevents RFID Skimming – these days everything is electronic from the battery, wall plug, to the cards in your wallet. The ID or bankcard contains an RFID chip to help make payments with your phone. With the new technology, it makes it easier for criminals to get information from your card. The problem is they can do it remotely while it is in your wallet that is why manufacturers made the RFID Faraday Cage wallet.

What Do You Store in the Faraday Cage?

The isolation chamber you can split up into three categories things you use in the home, your vehicle, and can carry with you.


Using a Faraday cage at home can be large or small, and you can stash the following in it:

  • Communication devices such as a KATIO Pocket Radio as it is small, a Solar Radio that works with solar power, a Ham Radio, and Walkie Talkie to remain in contact with the family. Further, you need some illumination devices such as candles or a flashlight as the power will be down. Think of tactical flashlights, headlamps, night goggles, and spare batteries with the battery charger or solar charger. And finally, yet importantly, you need a survival watch.

With the above list and a giant Faraday cage, you can even stash your car in it, as you always need a set of wheels in an emergency. Alternatively, you need to consider your car’s electronics as well as it may malfunction in an EMP or solar flare.

Now the most important of all you need a small faraday cage pouch to keep smaller items such as your radio and cell phone on you. You can place your RFID –shielding faraday cage wallet in it as well. All these items above can keep critical electronic items protected when you need it the most.

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Now to Get Back To the Question about the Gun Safe

A safe has a metal construction and can block out specific radio signals, but may not block out EMP. As a Faraday Cage is hollow and the charge remains on the outside, you can use different materials to block wavelengths. The important thing is the construction of the cage.

Depending on the material, you use aluminum, copper, and other conductive alloys all have different effects. Even the size and shape of the holes found in the mesh changes the capabilities of the frequency and wavelength of the radiation you want to block. You will need different types of mesh layers to keep devices protected from different types of radiation.

For keeping EM, waves out you will be able to use your gun safe if it had copper grounded in several places with reasonable grounds. So if you can earth the safe with real earth ground, it would be better. But there must not be any holes in the safe.

How Do You Build Your Own Faraday Cage

All you need is essential items found in the home such as a stainless steel trash can with a tight closing lid. You can use any other metal container to serve as a line of defense against radiation.

  1. Start by lining the inside of the trashcan with plastic wrap it prevents the devices from coming in contact with the surface and provides protection. You can even line the inside with cardboard before using the layer of plastic. You can also add more insulation with foil, cardboard, and plastic wrap on the inside.
  2. Now place the electronic devices inside and cover each device with aluminum foil or use a Faraday Bag.
  3. Once inside the container, you can bolt the lid and tie the can to a wall with metal straps to make it more permanent.

faraday cage gun drawer

Wrapping It Up

The truth is you do not need to have a degree in engineering to keep your devices protected from EMP or any other disaster. Now That you are on speed about this handy container, are you going to take action? The best time to do this is NOW and building a Faraday Cage is affordable. Whether you plan using a simple method such as the trashcan or your gun safe the vital thing is make sure the door, lock knob, handles, and holes are sealed.

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