Best Gun Safe Under $500 in 2023

It is important to ensure that security and safety are prioritized when dealing with guns and other potentially harmful weapons. Finding a good safe can be challenging, especially finding one that is affordable and of superior quality. Therefore, the following is a review of the four top gun safes below $500 and how their qualities add up in terms of service created for customers.

1. Stack-on SS-22-MB-E with Electronic Lock, Matte Black

The Stack-on SS-22 MB Gun safe is both tested and listed among California`s firearms protection devices that meet the required safety standards required. With a uniquely carpeted interior, the safe weighs approximately 245 pounds and comes with a 2-way locking system that allows for digital and manual locking. Characterized by its large and reinforced steel bolts, it guarantees additional security for your priced firearm as well as durability due to well-patented barrels designed to accommodate rifles and shotguns as well. The product is convenient for clients with ammo and rifle storage needs as it offers quality for money especially due to its size and durability.

This gun and ammo safe is a consumer favorite due to its affordable price and ability to perform various functions at home. Additionally, it is difficult to lose keys as it comes with spare keys to its manual lock mode. This makes it difficult to exploit weaknesses in the safe which is reinforced with quality steel material to nullify the risk of break-ins. Further, the low charge and tamper- notifications make this safe appealing to most customers as it further nullifies the threat of security breaches. You might also be interested in reading our in depth StackOn SS-22 review.

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2. Barska Quick Access Biometric AX11652

The safe brags of a futuristic and slim design that enhances its storage capabilities, especially for long-length rifles. It can impressively store up to 120 fingerprints which goes a long way in reinforcing security. In addition to being CA DOJ approved, the safe comes with a battery and two back up keys as well. Its digital capabilities make it an instant hit with consumers as it can inform you immediately it has been tampered with and also when in need of charging.

The fingerprint scanner capability is impressive considering it is tamperproof. This offers you the much-needed reassurance of consistent performance especially in storing guns, rifles, and ammo. The manufacturers recently added a security feature that enables it to be mounted through its six mounting points to reinforce security. In addition to increased shelve space, this affordable safe is capable of being personalized to meet your personal needs i.e. you can add shelves to increase its handgun capacity. Therefore, for short guns, this safe offers extreme value for money given it can comfortably hold up to five handguns and ammo. However, it is not the best option when it comes to rifles with scope due to the length and additional gun details. You may wish to read our full review of the Barska Biometric Rifle Safe.

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3. First Alert 2092DF Waterproof with Digital Lock, 1.3 Cubic Feet, Gray

This modern design fire safe comes with an adjustable and removable shelve that allows you to arrange your rifles and ammunition as preferred. The model comes in three different sizes, the 0.94, 1.31 and 2.14 Cubic sizes to ensure you have a variety to select from based on your preferences and storage needs. In addition to all the modern features, this safe is fire resistant for an hour with temperatures not exceeding 1700 degrees. This means all your prized possession will be secure even in the event of a fire. This safe is pry-resistant as it comes with a programmable lock and an override key to reinforce its security and make it more resistant to tampering. The safe can be used for other purposes apart from storing guns and ammo since it is designed to safeguard all your property from the risk of theft and destruction.

The First Alert 2092DF is a consumer favorite due to its ability to assure users of continued use even in the occurrence of adversities such as fires or the risk of water sprinklers when the fire alarm goes off. Further, the different sizes ensure that consumers have a variety to select from depending on their needs and preferences.

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4. The GunBox Biometric

The GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe has many features that make it a great buy. First, the safe has a 360-degree fingerprint scanner that is capable of holding and detecting multiple fingerprints. With additional security options, the device can be linked to a wristband, sticker label or ring (sold separately) to ensure you are always in the know in case anyone tampers with it.

The modern design safe boasts of two USB ports for connecting accessories or charging various devices while its battery is backed up with an automatic shut off switch. Additionally, its aluminum shell is reinforced with mounting holes that enable you to mount the safe in virtually any orientation. It comes with a neoprene interior that safeguards your firearm from scratches. In addition to the secure and state of the art interior, the GunBox comes with a fairly loud (adjustable) alert and notification system that emits a loud alarm whenever the unit is tampered with.

It is among the most preferred rifle and ammo storage safes due to its portability and alternative uses. The Gunbox`s light and portable design enables you to move around with it whether to your office, home or even car. As mentioned earlier, it can be used to charge other electronic devices whether in the office of the car. Most importantly, it is FAA approved which qualifies it for use during travel and airport security checks.

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5.Steel Patriot SP200

The SP200 is more than just a regular handgun safe. Many people were surprised when buying this box to keep their pistol securely locked away. The intuitive design of the lockbox allows you to use it multiple times per day. With the compact design, you can use it in your nightstand, desk at work, and in the car.

Another feature that many gun owners like is the six amazing colors available. Now you can pick which shade works best for you. The core of the safe box is a multi-mode locking system housed in stainless steel. What makes the locking mechanism unique is that you can open it with your smartphone or the included double bitted key.

The interior mounted hinge offers you lift assist and friction hold by using one finger. With the inside design, it prevents anyone from tampering with it. One more fantastic thing is if anyone happens to try to break into the pistol box, it informs you with an alarm received on your phone.

The phone app works on both Android and iOS devices. Additionally, customers love the lifetime warranty and found using the application on their phone straightforward. Furthermore, it comes with advanced programmable features with hands-free mode, rapid access mode, and a lock activity log.

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6.SnapSafe Combination Lockbox

The combination lockbox from SnapSafe offers you more than just keeping your pistol safe. You can use it to keep other valuables locked away as well. The X-large firearm security box has a portable design, and TSA & CA DOJ approved. So if you need to travel with your firearm, you can take it with you on the airplane.

Included with the lockbox is a heavy-duty steel cable you can secure to an object such as your car seat. The majority of gun owners like the lightweight 6 lbs construction and the durable locking mechanism is easy to use. Furthermore, you can buy the lockbox with a key lock that includes two of the same keys.

The interiors upholstered with foam and the constructions made of 16-gauge steel and pry resistant. Depending on your small gun safe needs customers like that fact that it is quiet to open. Moreover, it works with a three-digit combination lock and the codes easy to remember if you are in a rush.

The most significant negative remark is the fact that the locking mechanisms not shielded with a piece of sheet metal. Clients are concerned that the foam insert may cause locking problems with multiple uses. However, if you want an inexpensive gun safe, this is the one to buy.


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7.VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Model for Handguns

The VT20i biometric handgun safe has a dependable, reliable, and cost-effective price. If you are a person on the go, it has a slim design to slide under your car seat. You can travel with it through security checkpoints and meets the TSA airline firearm guidelines. An added benefit is you can anchor it with the included mounting hardware.

The 16-gauge steel construction makes it durable to last a long time, and it is pry-resistant to prevent tampering. Using the locking mechanism is a breeze with the biometric fingerprint scanner that stores 20 individual fingerprints. Further, you can access it from your smartphone to detect tampering, check power levels, and view the safe history.

Once you open the safe, you can easily find your pistol in the dark with the adjustable interior LED light. The keypad illuminates and the batteries rechargeable to last for months. Included in the package are two spare manual overdrive keys and a micro-USB charging cable. Furthermore, it provides you with entry with the VAULTEK smart key also included.

Do you want to keep your handgun secure in the nightstand? Customers recommend the VAULTEK safe for any homeowner to get quick access to their gun.

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8.Southeastern Quick Access Biometric for Rifles

When it comes to accessing your rifle gun safe quickly, you need the best fingerprint locked safe. With the Southeastern biometric model, this is possible. The fingerprint system can store up to 30 different prints. The only thing you need to remember is to keep the fingerprint reader clean to prevent misreads.

The keypad has a biometric and digital design and comes with a backup key for emergencies. On the interior, you have a built-in light that helps to find your handgun in the dark. To provide added storage, it comes with a magnetic barrel holder you can adjust. To keep the firearm safe secure, the manufacturers made six pre-drilled holes for mounting it to the wall or floor.

The rifle safe weighs 85 lbs and might not be as heavy as the Steelwater Gun Safes, but still provides you with durable construction. Another important feature and a must have is the one-year warranty included. The majority of gun owners are pleased with the affordable price.


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There are many options to choose from when it comes to the safes that come below the $500 mark. First, you must consider the level of security and safety. This is important as it not only protects you but also your family and friends from unprecedented risks associated with the mishandling of rifles. The above-mentioned safes have different benefits and values they add to consumers. Finding the best option depends on your financial capability and whether the particular safe model meets your needs.


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