Wooden Gun Cabinets vs Metal Gun Safes – How do you choose?

Choosing between a wood gun cabinet and gun safe depends on many things. First, you need to look at your budget, your gun collection, and security. Depending on your needs, there are many things to take into consideration, and we are here to help. Here you can find helpful information about each, as they are different in many ways when it comes to features and functionality.

The Gun Safe

Whether you have an antique gun collection or handgun, using the gun safe is one of your best options. Further, it can keep your weapons protected from flood, fire, or natural disasters. The constructions durable with metal and comprise of a locking mechanism that provides the first line of defense to prevent theft.

Today you can buy them with dial lock mechanisms, biometric systems, or electronic code. The 2nd layer of defense is the bolting mechanism. The minimum bolt requirement is three on the side of the safe and adds extra strength. The steel lining on the inside usually is 10 or 12-gauge and prevents drilling into the casing.

Other protections include fire prevention and usually are ETL or UL fire rated. Moreover, you have the hinges placed either on the inside or outside of the safe. Here you need to remember that with the turning point on the interior of the door it can hold up long when a criminal tries to open it.

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While with the hinges on the outside allows you to open the door wider.

inside gun safe

The Advantages of a Gun Safe vs Cabinet

  • The gun safe has a thick steel wall structure that can withstand assault for a given time
  • Can protect your firearms, documents, and valuables from theft, water, and fire damage – you might want to check my post on how to fireproof a gunsafe
  • Depending on the size of the safe it is difficult to move

The Disadvantages of a Gun Safe

  • A gun safe is not visually appealing and does not fit in with all home décor
  • Depending on the quality it can become expensive

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The Gun Cabinet

Compared to the gun safe the wooden gun cabinets are similar in some ways to your kitchen cabinet and used to display your firearm collection. The cupboard has a glass door and is built-in or freestanding. You can buy them custom made or have them fixed into a position for security.

The display cabinet has a base attachment to support the enclosure and available with adjustable leg attachments for convenience. They come pre-equipped with either open or enclosed compartments. If you decide, you want a wood gun cabinet we recommend you avoid ones with foam inserts.

The problem is that the foam absorbs and holds moisture that promotes rust. Further, be extra careful with the wood used as many manufacturers use composite material from sawdust and glue. Always look for solid wood designs but be careful when they mention Solid Wood Veneer.

The term may sound like real wood, but they still use sawdust composite as a thin layer of the veneer. Always test the lock that it opens smooth and has a solid design. If the cabinet has, drawers make sure to check that they open and close smoothly.

wooden gun cabinet

The Advantages of a Gun Cabinet vs Safe

  • The gun cabinet is more visually pleasing than a gun safe as you can display your firearm collection
  • Depending on the display cabinet you buy it has a lightweight if you do need to move it
  • The price is affordable depending on the type of wood and features it has

The Disadvantages of a Gun Cabinet

  • The wooden gun cabinet does not offer any protection against a flood or fire. The cabinet fire rating may no meet requirements for some insurance companies.
  • Further, it lacks security and does not keep your weapon collection protected as safe means of gun storage.
  • Also, it may be more difficult to fit electronic locks to wood gun cabinets compared to steel safes.

Comparison between the Gun Cabinet vs Gun Safe

With all the advantages and disadvantages, here is a comparison as to why the gun safe is safer to use compared to the gun cabinet?

  1. The gun safe has a metal construction compared to the wood structure of the gun cabinet
  2. Using a gun cabinet may be more visually appealing, but you can make your gun safe blend in with your home décor
  3. The gun safe has a durable bolting mechanism with a lock to prevent theft. The gun cabinet might have a non-breakable glass, but with time on hand, a thief can break the lock or drill a hole through the glass.
  4. The gun cabinet has an affordable price, but you can find some of the best gun safes with fantastic prices offering you more protection against elements and prying hands.

Gun safe vs gun cabinet – which one is for you?

When summing up the differences between a gun cabinet and gun safe the decision remains with you. If you need complete security against small kids in the home, the gun safe remains your best option. You can purchase them in different sizes to suit your needs. They have a durable construction with the metal material and are not easy to break.

You can keep your old and sentimental values in it instead of leaving it in the open for all to take. Further, it will keep items safe against fire, water, and the bolt and locking mechanisms add for security. The most important thing is you are within the law and prevents lawsuits at the same time.

Now if you are not too concerned about security and have an antique collection you want to display the gun cabinet is ideal. The appearance fits in with most of your home décor but is not as secure as your gun safe. The display cabinets made of wood and glass and not as reliable when it comes to theft.

They are more suitable to use in an armory shop or in a private setting locked behind a bolted door to show off to friends. However, the resolution remains with you and no matter which one you pick between a gun cabinet or gun safe, the important thing is your gun collections securely locked.

If you decide to pick a gun cabinet always, make sure that it provides enough security to prevent your young ones from getting access. Moreover, if you do choose a gun safe make sure to hide it in the best spot making it difficult for intruders to find.


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