How do you EMP proof a gun safe?

The most significant threat ignored by many gun owners is an Electromagnetic Pulse Attack. With an EMP, it can lead to a security catastrophe. It will cause a nation’s electronic systems to shut down the power grid, supply mechanisms and cripple a country. The system will go haywire when interacting with the electromagnetic shock particles whether nuclear or non-nuclear.

The problem is that we’re ill-prepared for such an attack. Everyone relies on the electricity grid for medical equipment and the majority of people only have food for three days. EMP is a weapon of mass disruption and brings total blackout anywhere. A fact is it is time to take action and prepare you for such an attack.

Now while we are on the subject one question among gun owners keeps coming up, “Can you EMP proof a gun safe and how do you do it?” We are here to help answer this critical question. But before we answer your question, let us take a close look at the electronic lock on your safe.

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Can the Electronic Lock on Your Safe Survive an EMP ATTACK?

The truth is that any electronic lock on a gun safe needs the power to work. Once the power fails, you are stuck with the door closed and will only be able to open it with an override key.

The problem is that not all gun safes come with the same spare key. Further, the likeliness is that the lock may survive and not fry as it is small and partly made of metal.

However, if you face a significant EMP attack the lock will fail and not survive, but are you willing to take that risk. According to research, the only way you can EMP proof a safe is by placing it in a Faraday Cage.

Compared to the electronic lock a mechanical one is bulletproof to last forever. If you look at 1920 safes, it outlasts even the electric lock safe, as it needs no batteries to operate.

But if you still want to buy an electronic lock safe, you need to make sure the combination lock is EMP-resistant. An excellent example of this safe is the Liberty Safes as it has an S&G Titan Electromechanical Lock and can open in an event if there is an EMP attack.

Other options to buy one with a dual lock system comprising EMP-resistance. The Canon uses this form of lock and allows you manually to use the combination to unlock it. Alternatively, the best solution is to get the old school dial lock as mentioned before.

EMP Proofing Your Current Gun Safe

Now if you are not considering placing the safe in a Faraday Case, there are many things you need to take into consideration. First, you may want to replace the electronic lock with a mechanical one or pick a dual lock system. Use a multimeter and find a spot of bare metal on the door to see if it is electrically connected.

If it is not, you can use a small ground strap found at automotive stores, drill, and tab it with a couple of screws helping to connect the door to the safe frame. Another thing to consider is the paint finish when doing this as it can prohibit add-on attempts. Make sure to scrape away the paint to make contact with the bare metal.

Once completing the ground strap fixture, rig the safe with aluminum foil to function as an RF gasket. However, if you have a moisture seal, it may be a problem and do not forget about the holes at the bottom/back. Take a voltmeter and test the gun safes resistance before and after scraping the pain and adding foil.

You should need about 1 ohm for a good connection between the door and chassis. Now if you do have a powered dehumidifier inside you will need to make a choice and best to replace with another form of moisture protection. You can even use electrically conductive tape around the door of the safe.

Further, you can place your sights in an ammo can with steel wool and put it in the safe. And if you do want to be extra safe, you can lay, the firearms on heavy-duty aluminum foil and wrap it in the layers with plastic wrap and foil wrap again.

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Use a Faraday Cage for Added Protection

When it comes to a natural disaster or human-made one you cannot be too safe. For added protection, place the gun safe in a Faraday Cage. Buy yourself an all-metal trailer that serves a great purpose if there is an Electromagnetic Pulse Attack. Replace the plastic vent covers and shield it properly with metal foil.

Make sure to connect an earth-ground to the construction and use a ground spike to mount to the ground. Make sure to use a copper lug soldered to the copper wire and bolt it to the bare metal of the trailer frame. Now coat it with epoxy or a corrosion-blocking compound.

The best earth-ground is copper wire to give the Faraday Cage the extra protection. Another outstanding EMP solution is a shipping container as they are watertight if not damaged and should be grounded at all four corners well.

Best Not To Ignore an EMP Threat

Many countries are ignoring the EMP threat. The problem is that any states potential adversary will not avoid it. To them, it gives an opportunity to inflict catastrophic and long-lasting damage to humankind.

You need to take action today by safeguarding your family and prepare yourself for a massive disaster that could cripple your country.

Whether it is making your own Faraday Cage in the home, getting yourself a shipping container or EMP proofing your basement packed with survival gear and equipment make sure you are ready.

The EPM attack comes unnoticed and will fry all electronics connected to a power grid. Stack up on solar flashlights, walkie-talkies, solar powered pocket radios, non-perishable food, a HAM radio, and spare cell phones wrapped in its own Faraday Cage.

The important thing when your cage is packed secured with survival gear you are prepared for any disaster that may happen whether it is a natural or human made one.

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