Do’s and Don’ts of gun safes

Gun safes are quite popular and have been around since the inception of firearms. Their use is basic and understood by everyone. Gun safes are primarily intended to keep unauthorized and unqualified persons from accessing the gun. In more customized capable safes, it can prevent damage of components in case of flooding, fire or other accidents. Finding a gun safe should never be a daunting task as there are several distributors in the market. Nonetheless, not all safes you run into will depict desirable qualities. It is therefore important to keenly review your offers before spending your money. The recommendable approach is to purchase from credible licensed retailers who can guarantee original genuine quality manufactured for the specific gun. Gun safes can be used to store one or more gun and the firearm accessories used together with the gun.

The things you should do regarding a gun safe

When purchasing, using or dealing with gun safes, there are several things you are expected to do to maintain safety and prevent accidents that can otherwise prove tragic. Some of the things to ensure on these safes include the following;

• Always assume the gun is loaded – even if you are quite certain that the gun has no ammunition inside, it is advisable to always assume it is loaded. This helps you to always remain vigilant and cautious when dealing with any firearm or gun. There is no chance for doubt when it comes to handling guns as that increases the risk of fatal accidental shots.

• Remove the safety only when you are ready to pull the trigger – the safety is a powerful integration that is meant to prevent accidents and it should always remain on until you are ready to pull the trigger. Keeping it on will prevent accidental firing as the gun cannot fire when the safety is on.

• Maintain control – it is very important to maintain control of your firearm at all times including when you are not using it. Keep the weapon pointed in the right direction and never handle guns the same way you handle weapons like knives as the trigger is delicate and capable of causing deaths.

• Use dependable safes – there are many different gun safes you will find and while all of them are promoted as the best, only a few are reliable. Make sure you review aspects of reputation, previous customer comments and complaints, durability and quality. The cannon gun safe for instance can keep your weapon away from children and intruders. You might also be interested in this post on the Stack_on SS-22 gun safe.

• Keep the gun unloaded when you are on the road or transporting it – bumps and shakes on the road, sharp brakes and accidents can easily pull the trigger. You should also keep the safety on when transporting.

• Become familiar with your gun model and safe – take sufficient time into learning how your gun works and how you can safely use it preventing accidents. Read through the instruction manual and make sure you understand the particular model.There are many other minor things you should practice doing once you own a gun and a gun safe. Aspects of maintenance, inspection and cleaning are all important to optimal functioning of your weapon.

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The don’ts

Just as you are required to do all the above mentioned things, there are various other things you are expected to never ever do when dealing with guns and gun safes. They include the following;

• Never point a gun on anything you have no plans of shooting – it does not matter if the gun is loaded or not; you must never ever point your firearm on another person or anything you are not planning to kill/shoot. Many accidents of this nature have occurred and some resulted in accidental deaths. This goes hand in hand with the practice of maintaining control of the firearm (always).

• Never put your finger on the trigger unless you are about to fire – this is another basic yet crucial practice that has a lot to do with safety. It is advisable never to place a finger on the trigger until you are ready to fire particularly because the gun may accidentally go off when you are jolted or startled in some surprising way. Even if you are waiting on shooting an attacker, a scared family member may show up first and you do not want to accidentally shoot the wrong person.

• Never store your firearm and ammunition together – this is why safes are designed in a particular way to keep the two separate. If your gun safe does not have different partitions for the firearm and ammunition, then you should probably get another one that has this separation.

• Stay away from your gun safes when under the influence of alcohol and drugs – it is prohibited to use firearm under the influence of alcohol or drug of any kind. Even if it is medication for pain or a supplement that has a sedative effect, keep away from your firearm until you are back to sobriety again.

• Don’t let your gun safes out in the open – it is advisable that you keep your gun safe out of reach of children, unauthorized and unqualified persons. Just like you are required to keep the actual gun out of others’ reach, the gun safe should always be locked and far from intruder’s reach.
Guns and gun safes often come with instruction manuals and user guides that contain information on use, maintenance and safety practices. It is important to go through all the information provided to know everything the manufacturer intended users to understand.


Firearm like guns have various uses that range from recreation to safety and home/business security among others. However, careless handling can be the cause of severe if not fatal accidents with your gun. In fact, you may never be allowed to handle a gun again if you cause a foolish accident that could have been easily prevented following the above do’s and don’ts. When looking for gun safes, search for designs made for your gun’s model and parameters. What’s more, only purchase durable genuine quality safes that can keep your firearm away from all unauthorized persons. The retailer/manufacturer should offer some guarantee for quality and safety.

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