Can you change the combination on a gun safe?

You have bought yourself a new gun safe and used it for more than a week, but now you have forgotten the combination to open it.

The concern on your mind is if you can change the combination of the safe. Maybe you were not security-minded, and yet you know the safe is a valuable security tool.

The big problem you face is that all your essential belongings’ locked away and your mind is telling you, “I forgot my password.”

Do not fret as this happens to many safe users and we are here to help you figure out if this ever happens to you.

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What Safe Do You Have?

The first thing you need to do is identify what gun safe or safety box you have. The fact is that it uses some form of combination to permit you entry. The problem is different security safes help protect your valuables. You may have an electronic one to keep your gun locked away.

By doing this, it will help you to open the metal beast holding the items. With the proper identification, you will be able to take the right measures to recover or reset the code. NOW do not go into a panic state and use any method to get access as you may damage it in the process.

When calling for help, you need to have the necessary information ready for them to help. Determine the serial number, you can find it on the side or back panel of the safe. But if you cannot see the serial number, make sure to check your purchase information.

Does the Safe Have an Override Key

Now that you know the model and serial number, you need to check if the gun safe has a key override. The features come in handy when stuck in this type of situation.

The function allows you to access the safe and works in emergencies or if you need to give another person access. Think of it as a spare key for the safe and helps when you have forgotten the combination.

If you are uncertain, you can read the user manual to find out. By doing this, it saves time and helps you to know.

safe combination lock

Establish if there is a Safe Change Key

If the gun safe does not have a mechanical override key, you still do not have to worry. Here is where a change key comes in handy. With the function, you can gain access to the safe by changing the combination. However, it is not a universal solution found on all safes and may require you to input the old cold.

One such gun safe is the Sargent and Greenleaf 2740B model and makes the best padlocks in the world. You can insert the key on the back of the safe to reset the password and wipes the slate clean to set a new code. If you do find that both of the methods mentioned above are not available, you need to resort to the next step.

Call a Locksmith

You have tried everything and still have not been able to open the gun safe. It is time to call in a professional by contacting your local locksmith.

The important thing is you first need to go through all the above steps before making this decision. Finding a person to open the safe may sound easy, but there is a chance it can go south if not handled correctly. A gun safe is a sophisticated device and needs to be adequately treated to prevent damage to the lock and contents.

Find a locksmith that is familiar with opening safes, especially with the brand and model you have.

Provide the locksmith with the correct information:

Once you find a suitable locksmith to help you with your predicament, you are a step closer to opening the safe. For the person to help, you need to provide him or her with the correct information related to the safe. Provide them with the brand and model as it helps the person to familiarize him or herself with what they need to open it.

Inform the locksmith what type of gun safe it is by telling them you have forgotten the electronic combination or mechanical combination. With the adequate information, it helps them to open the safe the best they can. So what methods does a locksmith use to open a safe?

  • Safe Manipulation – for some the word manipulation carries loads of negativity, but in this cases it is positive. Do not think the locksmith is going to open up the safe with a charming smile under two minutes. The process is more intricate than what you assume and needs patience and skill. The process works best on combination dials and remains a popular entry method without damaging the internal mechanism. The locksmith knows how the wheels pack and spindle of the locking mechanism works.
  • Forced Entry – compared to safe manipulation this method is a lot less elegant, and the locksmith will resort to using forced entry. The technique can cause external damage that is impossible to open by any other procedure. The most common way is using a drill to make a hole through the wheel pack to render the mechanism. Alternatively, they can drill a hole to insert a fiber optic cable as well. Once the wires added they see their way through the wheels pack and move the dial in accordance to align the wheels to open. The method can still leave your safe insecure and vulnerable even with the 2nd drilling method.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, by the time you reach the end of the article, you have found the best solution to get back into the safe. If you have forgotten your safe combination, there is a solution. Always stay levelheaded and remember forced entry needs to be the last resorts.

Once you can change the combination, make sure to write it down where only you can find it just in case you ever forget it again. No matter if, it is an electronic or mechanical lock, the code needs changing on a regular basis. The important thing is to set the password up when using it for the first time.

Make sure to keep spare batteries on hand and replace them on a regular basis as well as this can cause a lockout of your gun safe as well. Furthermore, do not pick a simple code and make sure you enter it correctly, as you do not want a temporary block. We hope you get your gun safe unlocked.

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