How do you EMP proof a gun safe?

The most significant threat ignored by many gun owners is an Electromagnetic Pulse Attack. With an EMP, it can lead to a security catastrophe. It will cause a nation’s electronic systems to shut down the power grid, supply mechanisms and cripple a country. The system will go haywire when interacting with the electromagnetic shock particles whether […]

How to install a gun safe in a car

Anyone above the age of 18 who does not pose a danger to others can be licensed to carry a firearm. There are different reasons that would prompt someone to carry a firearm. The main reason is the need for security. Firearm carrying and prohibitions While owning a firearm is legal, the rules and regulations […]

How to wall mount a safe – for valuables or guns

A wall safe will make it easier when hiding your valuables. The process of installing the safe is very easy provided you follow the right steps. Failure to follow the right steps you can end up installing the safe but thieves will cut it out and take with them. To avoid stress you should always […]

How to bolt a gun safe to the floor in 6 steps

Why there is a requirement of gun safe? – If a burglar or trespasser gets into your house without a gun, there is a chance that he can steal your gun. – If your gun is stolen it could be used for the wrong reasons. If any crime is done with it, then you will […]