Can you change the combination on a gun safe?

You have bought yourself a new gun safe and used it for more than a week, but now you have forgotten the combination to open it. The concern on your mind is if you can change the combination of the safe. Maybe you were not security-minded, and yet you know the safe is a valuable […]

How do you EMP proof a gun safe?

The most significant threat ignored by many gun owners is an Electromagnetic Pulse Attack. With an EMP, it can lead to a security catastrophe. It will cause a nation’s electronic systems to shut down the power grid, supply mechanisms and cripple a country. The system will go haywire when interacting with the electromagnetic shock particles whether […]

Can I put a gun safe in a mobile home?

Well, theoretically speaking you should be able to install a gun safe in a mobile home! But before you go ahead there are a few factors to consider as discussed in this blog. Do you already own a gun safe and are considering buying a new home? Or are you planning to buy one now […]

How much does a gun safe weigh?

A firearm, important documents, and heirlooms are some of the things that are better protected in a safe. There are various gun safes available in the market ranging from portable, large, small, wall, bedside safe and many more. However, we usually get dragged by the ones that look funky without worrying about the gun safe weighs. […]

What is the best way to store guns without a safe?

Sit and think a bit back to your childhood—you could roam around free and have fun! How things have changed, today you need to wear a helmet, safety belt in your car, and have a firearm in your home to protect your family. Now you may be wondering about the best method for storing your […]

How much does it cost to move a gun safe?

Are you moving and trying to decide if you should hire a moving company to transport your gun safe or do it yourself? Safes are heavy, and some weigh thousands of pounds and becomes a tricky attempt. So what is there for you to do—let us see the available options before you decide. Costs of […]

Can you put a gun safe in an unheated garage?

The question above must be one of the most discussed inquiries in forums online. The truth is that everyone has their own opinion to answer the matter on hand. The short answer is NO! We can give you many reasons as to why an unheated garage is not the place for a gun safe. However, […]

Can I store a gun in a regular safe?

If you own a gun or guns it is your duty to keep them safe. If the gun is kept at home, for your families safety you must make sure they are all properly and safely stored, especially if you have children in the house. The other side of the coin is that even when […]

How to reinforce a floor for a gun safe

  When it comes to owning a firearm, you are probably aware that you need to be able to store it in a safe space to ensure that no one steals it – lest you be held responsible. To do so, you will most likely consider installing a gun safe to protect the firearm. Safes […]

10 things to consider when buying a gun safe

Personal protection of our families, our properties and ourselves is something we cannot escape in this world. A gun will offer protection in certain circumstances. This means it may not be in use most of the time, hence, it should be stored well. Taking necessary storage precaution makes the firearm safe from fire, theft, or […]