Barska Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652 Review 2017/2018

When you are talking about the ultimate safety of your household with firearms at home, then the Barska Rifle Safe will surely come up sometime during your discussion. This Barska Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652 is a truly dependable firearm safe that can store up to four rifles at a time. This safe is designed using the unfailing biometric fingerprint reader by Barska which has the capability to store as many as 120 fingerprints. That’s how you define safety!

Let’s get started with the exclusive features of this biometric gun safe.

Salient Features:

The Barska Rifle Safe is ideal for storing your guns, rifles along with ammos in the most secured way and accessing them quickly using only your fingerprint scan at times of emergency. T he safe also features a barrel holder (removable section) that can line up the rifles, ready to be used as and when required. At the time of manufacturing the gun safe is provided with 6 mounting points on its back so that you can get additional security by mounting it to your wall or floor (basically any surface that is flat). This firearm safe also comes with 3-point deadbolt locking system as well as body made from solid steel so that your peace of mind is fully guaranteed. In case the battery fails, you can remove the faceplate to find the backup key to open this secured biometric gun safe. Here are some salient features of the Barska Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652:

3-point deadlock incorporated in the locking system

It can store as many as 120 fingerprints

It features Silent Access for you to mute any beeping notification

A beep sound is produced every time the gun safe opens

Comes with a secured design that allows it to firmly fixed onto the floor or a wall

2 backup-key set is supplied for times when the reader is unable to work (for some reason) and you need access to the firearms

4 AA batteries come with this Barska Rifle Safe

It comes with 1 year limited warrantyllThis Firearm safe has been approved by the CA DOJ

The Specifications of Barska Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652:

The body is made from 2mm solid steel with the finishing in black

The exterior dimensions (L x W x H) – 8.6” x 9.8” x 52.17”

The interior dimensions- 6.3” x 9.7” x 52”

The body weight is 66 pounds

Barska Biometric Safe AX 11652


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What’s So Good About the Barska Rifle Safe?

The Access Option- This gun safe is perfect for keeping the firearms in your house away from your kids in a safe and secured way. However, you can access your firearms without any hassle or delay during emergency by simply placing your finger for fingerprint scanning that opens up the safe’s door within four seconds on recognition, even if there is no light. You are spared the trouble of having to remember numbers, keys or even combination dials.

Strong body with efficient locking system- This safe is made out of 2mm solid steel with 3-point deadlock incorporated in the locking system. The finishing is a stunning matte-black coating.

The Storage Factor- This firearm safe offers one of the most effective secured solutions for accessing firearms in your home. Within the gun safe you will find four position rest for keeping the shotguns or rifles in an upright position, storing them neatly for use. The firearm safe includes a shelf (small) that you can use for storing the ammo as well as spare magazines.

The Mounting Provision- This AX11652 rifle safe by Barska comes with 6 pre-drilled mounting holes and a mounting-bolt set so that you can firmly fix the gun safe to the wall or floor without having to worry about it being taken away by burglars or thieves.

The Beeping Access- Whenever this firearm safe is opened it will produce a beep sound to alert you that someone is accessing the safe. However, you have the advantage of turning off the beep sound while opening the gun safe so that you can access the safe in stealth mode without altering ay intruders.

The Battery Option- You will be provided with 4 AA batteries that are required for operating the fingerprint reader. These batteries have lasting period of 1 year. You can alternatively use the backup keys when the batteries go dead to open the safe. These emergency keys for backup access are also supplied when you buy this gun safe. Another option for the gun safe access is the external battery pack which again is supplied along with this biometric safe.


Can be easily set up

Flawless biometric functioning

Well-built, solid and highly dependable

Even when the battery is dead fingerprint records can be stored


It cannot store four long guns along with the scopes and the pistol grips

In fact, this gun safe may not be long enough to hold some specific types of rifles

The Barska Advantage:

There are some advantages of using a Barska Rifle Safe which have listed below:

You can easily access your guns and other firearms without using a key in the absence of light

You can open it silently in case you don’t want others to know

The strong solid body and 3-point deadlock ensures that your children or intruders don’t get any access to the gun cabinet but it opens up immediately if the right fingerprint is scanned during times of emergency.

Supplies Provided With The Barska Biometric Safe:

The Barska Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652

4 AA battery-set

External battery pack (for emergency use)

Set of 2-backup keys (for emergency use)

4 section rifle safe barrel holder (removable

Mounting fixings hardware

Barska Rifle Safe


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How To Get Started:

Here’s how you can easily get started-

Step no.1- Start with removing the emergency key set from the accessory package. You will find the emergency key set by removing the screws on the logo plate (faceplate)

Step no. 2- Now insert one of the emergency keys into the key access, followed by pushing and turning the key counterclockwise.

Step no. 3- Next, you need to turn the handle of the gun safe in a clockwise direction so that the safe opens

Now, you need to continue with the battery installation.

The Battery Installation Process:

For this you will need to –

Step no.1- Remove the cover of the battery compartment

Step no.2- Next, you have to insert the 4 AA batteries you were provided with the gun safe in the compartment and put the cover back on

The next step is to continue with the registration of the fingerprint.

Getting Your Fingerprint Registered:

Note: This gun safe comes to you in either Factory Default Mode or Pre-registered mode. You have to test safely to find out the mode by using your fingerprint:

Pre-registered Mode- If it is in the Pre-registered mode then the gun safe will not open on using any fingerprint

Factory Default Mode- If it is in the Factory Default mode then the gun safe will open using any fingerprint

Step no.1 -If the door of the firearm safe opens then you need to press as well release the Initialization button

Step no.2- Next, you will immediately place your finger on the safe’s Fingerprint Scanner. Now, hold your finger in a still position until, you hear 1 beep that will recognize your fingerprint, which will be followed by another 2 consecutive beeping sound after which you will remove your finger as the registration is process is completed

Complete Registration- The registration is considered to be successful if you hear beeping sound 3 times in total

Incomplete Registration- The registration is considered incomplete if you hear short beeping sound 2 times, in such a case you have to re-start with the registration process

For new fingerprint Registration- If you want another fingerprint registration you will need to repeat the steps 1 and 2 of the fingerprint registration process mentioned above.

Now, you need to continue testing for non-registered fingerprints.

Testing the Non-registered Fingerprints:

To test for multiple non-registered fingerprints, you need to-

Step no. 1- Close the door of the Barska Rifle Safe and turn the handle of the safe in counter-clockwise direction so that it is locked

Step no.2- Next, you have to press as well as release the Wake-up button and place any non-registered fingerprint on the safe’s Fingerprint Scanner. Now, turn the handle of the safe and find out if it opens or remains shut

In case the door opens up using a non-registered fingerprint you failed the registration and the guns safe remains in the Factory Default mode. You need to go back and start over again with the fingerprint registration process followed by testing for multiple non-registered fingerprints.

Testing the Registered Fingerprint:

Step no.1- Keeping the gun safe’s door closed, you need to press as well as release the Wake-up button

Step no.2- Now, place your registered finger on the safe’s Fingerprint Scanner and turn the handle of the safe in clockwise direction

If the door of the firearm safe opens using your registered fingerprint then the registration of the fingerprint was successful.

Using The Emergency Key to Open the Barska Biometric Safe:

Step no.1- To reveal the safe’s Emergency Key access you will need to remove the screws of the logo plate (faceplate)

Step no.2- Insert one of the Emergency Keys into the safe’s key access, followed by pushing and turning the key in counter-clockwise direction. Turn the handle of the gun safe in clockwise direction so that the safe opens up.

Important: Make sure that you store the Emergency Keys outside the gun safe in a secured location.

Using External Battery Pack to Open the Gun Safe:

You need to implement this option in case the batteries run low on power-

Step no.1- Place 4 AA batteries inside the External Battery Pack

Step no.2- Plug the pack into the External Battery Access

Step no.3- Next, press and release the Wake-up button and place your registered fingerprint on the safe’s Fingerprint Scanner, followed by turning the handle of the safe in a clockwise direction so that the gun safe opens up.

Options for Beep Control:

To turn OFF the Beep- Press as well as hold the safe’s Initialization button for 20-30 seconds until you see the Indicator Lights of the safe flash green color once. Now, you need to release the safe’s Initialization button.

To turn ON the Beep- Press as well as hold the firearm safe’s Initialization button for 20-30 seconds until you see the Indicator Lights of the gun safe flash green color followed by a beep sound. Now, you need to release the gun safe’s Initialization button.

Easy Way To Reset the Gun Safe to Factory Default Mode:

Step no.1- Open the biometric safe and remove the cover of the Battery Compartment and the 4 AA batteries

Step no.2- Press as well as release the Wake-up button a number of times till such time you stop hearing the beep soundStep no. 3- Press as well as hold the safe’s Initialization button and re-insert the 4 AA batteries. When you insert the last battery you will hear the sound of a beep which will be followed by 2 beep sounds consecutively indicating that the biometric safe is now in the Factory Default mode.

Step no.4- Now you may release the safe’s Initialization button. If you don’t hear any beep sound, repeat the first 3 steps mentioned above.

Step no.5- Place the cover of the Battery Compartment back in its position and you will find that all the stored fingerprints have been completed deleted. At this point, any fingerprint can be used to open this biometric safe.

Guidelines for Effective Maintenance:

In order to maintain this biometric safe you have to follow certain guidelines that are provided below-

Keep the Fingerprint Scanner clean by using a dry towel or cloth to get rid of prints or smudges every time after using the Fingerprint Scanner

Ensure testing of the registered fingerprint in every six months

Place the biometric safe in a secured position so that it does not fall or get damaged in any way

Make sure to keep all liquids far away from your safe’s control panel. If there is any spill on the safe’s control panel then you risk not only damage but possible electric shock form the panel

Don’t ever think of disassembling the biometric safe. If you need to repair it, contact the customer service at Barska

Don’t even consider using cleaning agents or chemicals to clean this biometric safe

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Final Word:

There is no doubt that the Barska Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652 with all its intrinsic features for secured but quick access and large storage option is among the best firearm safekeeping options in a house. So, if you are in need of a reasonably-priced biometric gun safe, this Barska Rifle Safe is the answer to your problem.


GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe Review 2017/2018

Every gun owner has the responsibility of keeping his gun safe. GunVault SV500 Handgun Safe provides the perfect balance between keeping the gun out of reach for those who should not handle it and makes it easy to access as quickly as you need it. This personal sized gun safe can store one gun by your desk or in the vehicle for rapid but discreet access for the security conscious person. Since many people spend a good number of hours sitting at a desk or in the car, this vault is ideal for mounting hidden at the side of your desk or cabinet for quick access in case of an invasion at home, shop, in the office or while driving.

This GunVault SV500 Handgun Safe Review highlights why it is beneficial for personal protection. It’s compact and simple size may be perfect for concealing in a fixed location, but this also makes it not able to store more than one gun. Other than the speed of access, this gun safe is fairly priced at about $200. However, if the speed of access is not among your primary needs, you can consider larger safes.

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Installing the safe

SpeedVault installation is easy and can take a maximum of 10 minutes due to its design that incorporates a separate mounting bracket. The bracket can be attached to any solid surface using the provided screws. Once fixed, use the slots on the rear and sides of the safe to mount it on the bracket then open to tighten the screws from the inside.

When you use a high quality 9V lithium battery like the Energizer Advanced, you can get many years out of it. This lasts longer than a standard battery, but not to worry, whatever battery you choose, the unit will give a beeping low battery warning when you open it hence the need to open it at least weekly to test the battery strength.

Accessing your SpeedVault

This gun safe is available in two configurations, a combination lock in the SV50 and a fingerprint lock in the SVB500 that can store up to 120 sets of prints with the first two designated as administrators. The combination push button safe is less expensive compared to its biometric counterpart.

You do not have to worry what will happen if the battery dies or you forget the combination; the unit comes with two backup keys you can use to open the safe to replace the dead battery or reset the combination.

SV500 GunSafe

One great feature you find in this GunVault is the tamper mode to show you if someone without access attempted to unlock the safe. When you hold down 2 and 3 keys for about 5 seconds, the LED will show green or red. Green indicates the last time the keypad was touched the correct key combination was entered, but if it shows red, then someone tried and failed.

The Stealth mode allows you to use the safe muted when you press the keypad. This button is inside the safe next to the learn button; it will still make some noise when opening but is much quieter than the beep.

The foam lining inside the safe protects the finish when you slide the gun in and out. The room inside is just enough for most semi-automatics, full-size revolvers and fit an extra magazine. A top mounted LED light illuminates the inside of the vault when you want to store or take out your gun in the dark; it shuts off ten seconds after you open the safe to save the battery life.

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– The GunVault SV500 weighs 8.2 pounds and measures 6.5 by 3.5 by 13 inches.
– It is made in the US with quality materials including 18 gauge steel.
– It requires a 9v battery.
– It comes with an override key for cases of lost combination or battery failure.
– 4-button digital keypad for accessing the vault.
– Multiple mounting for any solid surface.
– Audio and LED warning for low battery.
The benefits of GunVault SV500 Safe
– It is easy to mount on the side of your desk, wall, cabinet or in the car.
– The GunVault is not as small as it seems and can be anchored to any solid surface for the person who needs a small safe that is easy to transport.
– This safe provides you with the ability to keep your firearm safe, secure yet very easy to access whenever you need it in the case of a home or car robbery.
– It can hold even larger handguns like 1911.
– The quick acting drop-down drawer makes it a great safe, just enter your code, and the drawer releases fast for rapid response in case of an emergency. You do not need to fumble for the grip since it is readily presented to you.
– The keypad is digitized for quick processing of instructions and also comes with a backup key for override purposes.

GunVault Handgun Safe


– This gun safe is however not waterproof or fireproof as it has been signed to provide safety and speed and not the additional functions.
– At the price point, it is not strong enough to withstand a persistent hammering but can keep the gun safe from kids and present it to you quickly whenever you have been invaded.

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The GunVault is designed in a way that its gears are triggered to open when you put in the code. It produces a whirring sound in the process and turns on the internal light. It, however, does not warn when the battery is low unless you open the vault door.

It is now easy to keep your handgun safe and secure but access it quickly when needed. It offers both speed and discreet storage in a revolutionary design making it ideal for home, office and vehicle use as a personal safe. It is a favorite safe that you cannot do without once you try it. All products from GunVault are known to be of very high quality, and this product SV500 is no exception, and this is the reason it is at the top of Amazon’s best-sellers. It is one of the best investment a gun owner can make especially when the speed of access is the main need.


How does a barometric gun safe work?

Biometric technology is based on unique human characteristics. Today, biometric authentication can be implemented on any system and it is considered to be one of the most powerful security solution, since everyone has unique characteristics such as signature, vein, fingerprint, hand geometry, iris, retina, voice waves and DNA.

Biometric systems provide security solution that is close to 100 per cent successful and since physical and behavioral characteristics are impossible to forget or change, biometric systems are almost impossible to hack. They are certainly safer than other classical methods such as keys and passwords.

Though biometric technology has been known for a long time, security systems such as biometric gun safe have only been introduced to the public recently. Regardless of any differences, all biometric systems follow three similar steps in the authentication process.

  • Enrollment

This is where an individual’s basic information is recorded and his or her personal traits are captured.

  • Storage

In this stage, the recorded traits or characteristics are converted to graphics or codes that are then analyzed and stored in the biometric system.

  • Comparison

large biometric gun safe

This is a very important step in the authentication process. The biometric system compares the recorded data with the characteristics or traits displayed at that moment and depending on the result it either rejects or accepts a person’s access to the safe or vehicle, building or a room using a biometric system.

The above three steps are only possible using three components; a software, a computer and a sensor.

How biometric gun safes work

If you own a gun, it is important that you keep it in a safe place and there is nowhere safer than in a biometric safe gun. They are designed to keep one or more guns away from access by the public. They can either be kept in offices, homes, banks, locker rooms or any other convenient place and they can be used to protect a gun from theft, floods, fire among other hazards.

Biometric technology has been integrated in different types of gun safes even the smallest ones. They make use of a person’s fingerprint to authenticate making them impossible to hack. Depending on the shape and size of the safe, there is a tiny display where a user places his or her finger to be recognized. To increase the security level, there are some gun safes that combine biometric technology with regular cipher suites.

When the biometric system is scanning an individual’s fingerprint, the pattern ridges and lines on the finger are what is pre scanned during the enrolment phase. The data is recorded and saved as an encrypted key in a tiny computer system. Since it is impossible to duplicate fingerprints, biometric gun safes are deemed to be the most secure place to store a gun.

small biometric gun safe

The best place to keep a biometric gun safe

You should know that heavy architectural items including slabs can destabilize the temperature of a gun safe which means that you should place the gun safe in an open area away from extreme temperatures or humidity. The best place to store a gun safe that is being protected from theft is in the upper stories, spaces between windows or in the basement. Closed installations are also ideal locations to keep a biometric gun safe.

Biometric gun safes are indeed practical, secure and safe, in addition to that they are also lightweight and affordable. Investing in one will protect your gun, guests, children as well as yourself in case of theft, fire or any other natural hazard.