How to bolt a gun safe to the floor in 6 steps

Why there is a requirement of gun safe?
– If a burglar or trespasser gets into your house without a gun, there is a chance that he can steal your gun.
– If your gun is stolen it could be used for the wrong reasons. If any crime is done with it, then you will be in a trouble as it is under your license and you will be facing the charges.

An excellent way of keeping your gun safe from potential danger and invaders is by bolting down your gun and this is a big benefit. By hiding your gun in a gun safe you are ensuring a proper safety and an extra step for your own protection. A permanent and safe location should be selected for the gun safe that can be easily accessible at all times. This helps to keep your gun away from fire, thieves or any person who cannot be trusted.

Basements are generally damp which will create a humid environment and this place would be really bad for gun storage. This is because of the reason that this area is close to heating stoves and fireplaces are prone to more fluctuation in temperature. In case your home is in a flood prone area the higher the safe is positioned the better. Keeping it as far as possible from the kitchen eliminates the risk of fire as the kitchen is a common origin of fire. The master bedroom is also not a good place to keep your gun safe as it is usually the first place of the target of the burglar. So, here are the few steps of how to bolt a gun safe to the floor:

1. Path for gun safe entry

A good location for your gun safe is ruined if you can’t move your gun safe to that location. The weight of the safe is a vital factor while moving it into location as it can damage your home or injure anyone around. A major priority should be given to safety while fixing a gun safe. You have to make sure that you have sufficient manpower for the job and the area should be clear of children, pet or any non-essential thing. These factors could cause hindrance while moving the safe. Proper transportation is also important as the process should not damage your hardwood or ceramic tiles. This can be done by using plywood sheets, which can be laid on the path of the dolly.

2. Figuring it out the location for your gun safe

The first step would be to find a safe and secure location for your gun safe. The location should be such that it should be easily accessible during any kind of emergency. You have to be extra careful for the safety of your children because they are always curious and searching things here and there while playing. So it is advisable to select a location whose chances of getting accessed by your children are very less. Also make sure that before work begins the gun cabinet should be empty.

3. Tool requirement

Tools that are required for the installation process are:
– Safety gloves and goggles
– Electric hand drill
– Anchor sleeves
– Scissors
– Rubber mallet
– Wood lag bolts
– Claw hammer
– Drill
– Hacksaw
– Wrench
– Chalk or marker
– Anchor bolts
– Staple remover
– Dustpan and brush

bolt down safe

4. Floor examination

Check the material of your floor to which you will be bolting your gun safe. This check is very crucial as it decides the type of tools to be used depending on the floor material which can be concrete or wood. Also check if there are any rugs or carpets on the floor. If you have carpets on your floor use a stapler remover or the back side of your hammer to take out any staples that are pressing down your carpet. Now slightly peel the carpet off the floor to see and confirm the floor material. Once you know it follow the below instructions for respective material.

5. Installation Process

– Wood
The first step to be followed if your floor is wooden would be the removal of the floorboard and carpet. The process is the same as explained above by using a staple remover to remove your carpet and the hammer back side can be used to take out the nails on the floorboards. Now below the floorboards there will be a horizontal supporting beam called joist, which needs to be marked by the position of the bolts of the gun cabinet. Place the gun cabinet on the joists and mark the entry holes for the bolts inside the cabinet on the joist. Note that your cabinet should be empty while marking. For drilling purpose a variable speed drill of 5/6th inch can be used. After the holes have been drilled clean the drill holes properly of any debris and fix the gun cabinet with four wood lag bolts. After fixing the gun cabinet in the correct position put back the floorboard, a hacksaw would be needed to cut the floorboard so that it fits around the cabinet properly. Cut the carpet around that area using a pair of scissors and lay it back on the floor.

– Concrete
If your floor material is concrete, then use a black marker or a piece of chalk to mark the entry point for your bolt holes on the concrete surface. Drill holes using a hand drill of around 1 inch deep in the concrete floor for your bolt holes. Take four anchor sleeves, place them in the four holes and gently insert them inside the holes by using a rubber mallet. Position the cabinet on the four holes and secure the gun cabinet with the help of half-inch anchor bolts. A wrench can be used to tighten the bolts in the sleeve.

gun safe bolt to floor

6. Finishing

Clean the dust, dirt or any other residue from the area with the help of a brush and dustpan. Firmly push the safe to see if it is properly secured in place and that it is not moving around. Take a look at the area to see if the floorboard seems loose in case of a wooden floor. After a proper visual inspection put the gun inside the cabinet and safely lock it.
These were the steps of how to bolt a gun safe to the floor. Your gun is now safe and secure in a permanent location.

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