What are the 15 Best Rifle Cases in 2023?

Transporting the hunting or tactical rifle can go in two different ways. You will most likely carry it with a sling when used.

However, when not in use you need a safe way to carry it. You need the best rifle cases to make conveying it simpler. Whether you are taking it with you to the shooting range or traveling by air, you can find a suitable one made for different purposes.

With a rifle case, you can keep your rifle with optics attached or your shotgun safe. Using a firearm bag helps to keep the weapon secure in two ways. With a soft or hard shell, case you can keep it locked away. The receptacle provides full control even when you are not in control of the weapon.

Furthermore, it protects it from bangs, bumps, and scratches in transit. For a rifle equipped with an optic, you need a proper case to help limit the abuse and prolong the life. No matter if, you have a 10/22 to shoot cans or an AR-15 you need protection. The fantastic thing is you can find different options available.

We have selected some hard rifle cases, shotgun cases, and soft rifle bags to help make your selection easier. As you will see each of the 15 rifle cases is split into three categories for you to choose.


For traveling by plane, a hard case is necessary. Prevent using soft shell bags as it leaves the weapon vulnerable against dings and scratches. If you want to transport your rifle to the local range, the soft case is ideal and great for hunting trips as well. The hard shell case comes with locks and great for moving military grade firearms and tactical weapons. Let us look at the five top hard rifle cases reviewed here. You might also be interested in my other post on the Best Gun Safes Under $500.

1. Plano Doublex Hard Case

For a rifle or shotgun, hard case the Plano Doublex has an all-weather construction, and Dri-Loc sealed. With the function, it keeps your rifles securely locked away and an airtight case made with a pressure relief valve. The foam-padding insert is customizable and suitable to use with 40mm Rifle/Shotgun equipped with accessories.

You can feel at ease that your prized possessions padded well against impact when traveling. For air travel, it is a great option when your precious cargos tossed around. What makes it even better is the easy glide enclosed wheels making maneuverability easier.

The case has a polymer construction with a length of 53.5-inches and is 17-inches wide with a height of 7-inches. The drawdown latches are comfortable to close and secure. Furthermore, you can buy them in packs of two, three, or four at a reasonable price. So if you want the best of best to keep your rifle safe, the Plano comes highly recommended.

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2. Pelican Rifle Case

The Pelican Protector Case has a durable Copolymer Polypropylene construction with open cell core and solid walls. The top surface is twin-ribbed and the hinges and handles secured with stainless steel pins. For keeping your weapon safe, it has double-throw latches that are comfortable to use with the c-clamp design when moved it works like a pry bar and opens with a light pull.

The fact is when compared to the Plato brand the hard rifle case from Pelican has undergone strict tests. Further, it has a watertight polymer o-ring seal providing a tongue and groove fit. For transporting your firearm by air, the built-in pressure equalization valve helps release built-up air to keep water molecules from entering the case.

For maneuverability, it is equipped with stainless steel ball bearing wheels for a smooth ride. The hub adjacent is made of nylon to withstand heat. The padlock protector is made of stainless steel to add strength and provide additional security. Another fantastic thing is you can have the nameplates custom engraved at an extra fee.

Included you receive three-piece foam set and the interior dimension is 35.75 x 13.50 x 5.25-inches. So check it out and decide if this is the right rifle case for you.

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3. Plano All-Weather II Scoped Rifle/Shotgun Case

For a reliable rifle, hard case for traveling you can look at the Plano AW2 model. Using the clip clamps to open offers you minimal effort and locks securely. The weapon case is suitable for a single rifle to transport by air, ground, or sea. The whole vessel has a Dri-Loc seal to keep it waterproof. Not only does it keep moisture out it keeps your firearm secure.

All this made possible with the equipped pressure relief valve. Further, you can customize the inserts to use with a scope and accessories. You can even transport your AR-15 in it. The foam padding keeps the rifle secure, and you can use it with multiple weapons.

The dual-stage lock latches make sure that no one tampers with your goods and the case has a black exterior as well. The 42-inch case measures 44.4 x 16.8 x 6.4-inches, and the interiors dimensions are 43 x 14 x 5-inches. Check it out, and you will see it is a durable and good-looking case.

Some users as even used it as a photography case as well.

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4. Plano Mil-Spec Field Locker Review

The Mil-Spec Field Locker rifle hard case has a quality design and looks fantastic with its black exterior and gray latches. You can safely place your rifle or shotgun in it for safe storage. For top security, nothing comes close to this receptacle. The vessel has a reinforced structure with watertight seals to keep out moisture.

Additionally, as with all Plano products, it has the same pressure release valve that even outs pressure when the temperature changes. For travel by air, you can trust on the Mil-Spec Field Locket to keep your firearms safe. The drawdown latches are secure to open and close and the inserts customizable.

Further, the padlock gates reinforced as well. The handle has a heavy-duty over-molded construction, making it comfortable when carried. To add to the benefits, you can use the hard rifle case with the other Field Series cases as it stacks and interlocks with them.

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5. SKB iSeries Mil-STD

As you can see on our list of hard shell cases, Plato is not the only preferred brand. Here we have the SKB iSeries rifle case made for traveling by air. The trigger release latches you can retrofit with TSA approved locking latches and keys if needed. The padlock holes have a stainless steel protector clip structure to prevent tampering.

The receptacle had a waterproof design and molded with polypropylene copolymer resin and gasket sealed. Similar to the previous hard cases this one also has an automatic pressure equalization valve, and the exterior is resistant to UV-rays.

The handle is comfortable in hand with the snap-down rubber cushion grip. For ease of use at the airport, it comes with wheels offering a smooth rotation. You can buy the vessel in 40 different configurations but does not come with foam padding inside. To add to the fantastic features, you get an SKB Lifetime Warranty included.

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The shotgun is a favorite firearm with different gun owners. The versatile weapon allows you to use it for many different things. Compared to the rifle you also want to keep it protected with a particular receptacle such as the shotgun case. The truth is you do not want to take risks when transporting it from one place to another.

Whether you are traveling by road, water, or air you need a special container to keep your shotgun secure—check out the best four shotgun cases reviewed and find one for priced possession to stay safe.

1.Peak Ultralight

The following case has no-rip polyester felt exterior to fit O/U trap shotguns with a barrel length of 34-inches. On the interior is a hard EVA shell to keep the weapon secure. The Peak receptacle comes with a full sized handle, and the interior protects the gun with a three-layer system.

The horizontal surfaces covered with Polyester Felt over the Microcell foam. The hard shell constructions EVA and covered with the denier ballistic nylon. The YKK zipper used is sturdy and comes with an ATA combination lock. The added cutouts comprise 3-inch by 11-inches for the fore end. There is also a 3.25-inch by 7-inch and 2.5-inch by 7-inch cutout for slings, choke tubes, glasses and more.

Further, you get spacers included to use with under/oversized guns for a perfect fit. Included extra is a reusable desiccant to keep the inside of the case dry.

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2. Pelican

The Pelican 1720 is made for the rifle but suitable to use with the shotgun as well. Compared to the hard gun case from Pelican mentioned this one has the same tongue and groove design making it watertight. All their cases come standard with the polymer O-ring and automatic pressure equalization valve.

The features are helpful to release built-up air pressure when you travel by air. By doing this, it keeps the inside moisture free. The padlock has a reinforced stainless steel structure to protect it from damage or interference. The interior dimension of the case is 42 x 13.5 x 5.25-inches.

Another benefit is you can take your soft firearm case, remove a piece of the three-piece foam set, and place the vessel inside the Pelican 1720 for dual rang use. You will not be disappointed with the product as it is an excellent case and top of the line.

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3. Case Club Competition

For one of the best shotgun cases, nothing compared to the Case Club 3 Gun Case. The receptacle comes at an affordable price, and the pre-cut foams fit an AR-10, AR-15 rifle with a 20-inch barrel and collapsible stock. For shooting competitions, it is one of the best rifle cases.

The base can hold a full-size pistol with enough room for under barrel attachments or optics and more. The lid also fits the shotgun well and comes with a small waterproof accessory box included. With the Velcro straps, you can secure the gun and box preventing them from moving when in transit.

Included is two silica gel canisters to keep the content dry and one is reusable. The vessel is weatherproof and comes with a pressure equalization valve suitable for air travel. With the five built-in latches, you will get nothing in or out, and two of them come with keys. The padlock holes in the casing and works with standard sized padlocks.

The insert has a polyethylene structure, and a foam interior keeps your weapon safe and perforated for customization.

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4. Case Club Tactical

The last shotgun case on the list is another Case Club model. You can use it for non-sporting and suitable to keep tactical weapons safe. The insert is pre-cut to accommodate the shotgun with or without the pistol grip. Further, you can keep your lasers, lights, optics and more in the added perforations.

Whether you have a fixed or collapsible stock, the receptacle is an excellent buy. Included is a pistol cutout to keep your backup sidearm. A waterproof accessory box is included for smaller items, and you get a reusable silica gel canister to keep it moisture free.

The vessel has a waterproof construction with two constructed keyed locking latches. There are five clamp style latches with a manual purge valve at the bottom of the case. Furthermore, the foam inserts you can wipe clean and has a closed cell design of polyethylene.

To add to the benefits, the containers Airline approved so check it out.

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Soft Rifle Bags

For regular transport, the soft rifle bag offers you less weight compared to the hard case. For the average shooter, it allows you to fit them at any angle in the car and flexible for storage. You can use it with both rifle and tactical weapons. They cost less but offer more space for accessories.

Here are our top 6 soft rifle bags for you to look at.

1. LUVODI Carbine Soft Case

Do you own a rifle, Airsoft pistol shotgun; you will love the LUVODI soft bag. The fantastic thing is you can even use it to transport your fishing rod. The carrier has an Oxford 600D construction. The inside has foam to keep your firearms safe in transit.

Further, it is shockproof and waterproof to keep water out. The carry handle and shoulder straps padded well for comfort. The zippers work quietly and the perimeter lip and sided padded. To secure your gear in place the pocket flaps secure using plastic connect buckles with a hook-and-loop fastener and bungee cords.

The soft rifle bags available in three colors black, tan, and green. Additionally, you can buy it in two sizes as well. On the exterior are three pockets to hold different items. The carbine soft bag offers you multiple carrying options and the backpack straps adjustable to keep the hands free.

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2. Savior Equipment Tactical Rifle Bag

The following soft rifle bag from Savior Equipment has a durable construction of 600D PVC Nylon. You can place up to two rifles with two pistols in the added compartments. To keep the content secure, it comes with a lockable zipper slider on both gun compartments.

The edges fully padded to protect your valuables when moved during transportation. In the three pockets on the exterior, you can keep accessories on hand when needed. You can use the shoulder bag with an Alice & Molle Load Bearing System making it able to carry more equipment.

The backpack is suitable for any hunting trip. Further, it has a paracord zipper to make opening and closing simple. Alternatively, you can also use it with a hook & loop fastener handle or adjustable padded backpack straps. No matter what you plan on using the bag for you can purchase it in different sizes ranging from 36-inches, 42-inches, 46-inches, and 55-inches.

Get it now it is affordable, and the quality is excellent.

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3. VISM Double Carbine Bag

The carbine case has 42-inch PVC fabric constructions to protect up to two carbine-sized rifles at the same time. You can place two guns in the main compartment with an overall length of 35-inches. There is a center divider with four hook & loop straps to keep the firearms secure.

In the secondary pouch, you have an added pocket to store a handgun and accessories. On the exterior of the soft bag are three pockets to keep your ammo organized. On each end of the bag is a PALS looping for customizing the case — the shoulder straps you can adjust to use it as a backpack.

All the pockets have heavy-duty zippers with pull cords for ease of fastening and access. Another standout feature is the wraparound carrying handle. Further, it has a top and bottom compression strap.

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4. WISPORT Rifle Carry Bag

The soft padded rifle case from WISPORT comes with a shoulder strap, external pockets, and zip closure. You can wear it over the shoulder, as a bag, or backpack. The receptacle is suitable for guns between 47.2-inches and 57.1-inches. The main compartments spacious and has elastic bands, nylon straps, and buckles with D-rings.

One of the pullout pockets concealed and has a removable sponge. There are also two zippered storage pockets inside the bag — the straps of the backpack fully adjustable for a comfortable fit. The waist belt has a quick release, and the straps buckles have the same construction.

Further, you can mount extra equipment to the vessel with the front hook-and-loop patch. The handle durable and you can use it as a shooting mat. The construction of the backpack is Cordura. Additionally, the bag cleans easily and is one of the best rifle bags available.

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5. AW Tactical Dual Gun Bag

The following soft bag offers you a capacity to store up to two rifles no longer than 36-inches. The main compartment zippers close and keep the firearms secure. You can keep your pistol with accessories in the front pockets to have them available when needed.

The receptacle has a durable construction of 600D Oxford fabric and is wear & tears resistant. The bag padding is excellent for improved protection. The zipper comes with a lock hole to use any standard lock. Further, it has a detachable shoulder strap and adjustable.

Another carry option available with the shoulder bag is the wrap-around handle to carry it in your hand. The overall dimension of the gun bag is 37-inches in length by 13-inches wide and stands 10-inches high. The soft case you can buy in different colors and is impressive.

What makes it unique is that you can use it with other sports equipment as well.

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6. Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement Tactical Bag

Another well-known American brand with quality construction when it comes to soft rifle cases are Uncle Mike. The gun accessory provider makes fantastic products for your weapons. The soft bag looks modern and fits most contemporary sporting and defensive rifles.

Are you a police officer in need of an effective way to keep your firearm protected? The case from Uncle Mike is the way to go. The 600D polyester makes the receptacle durable and even resists water. On the inside are two-inches of foam to keep your weapon safe.

You can buy it in two sizes, one for a 36-inch long rifle and the other one is 43-inches long. You can fit an M1 Garand in it without issues. The gear is lightweight and has three pockets on the exterior to hold ammunition. You can keep your medical kit in it as well.

On the interior is a handgun pocket to keep your loaded right arm safely. The carry handle has a wraparound structure to add strength when carried. For dealing with tactical applications, this is your go-to bag.

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Final Thoughts

A must-have piece of gear when you are a firearm owner is a rifle case. You can use the hard case to transport your weapon by air, road, or sea with durable construction. The majority of hard shell cases on the list offer you airport approved locking systems to ensure no one fiddles around with the locks.

Further, the durable construction prevents your expensive valuables from damage in transit. However, if you have a shotgun, you will most likely be able to use the same hard case or pick one from our shotgun case list. Moreover, if you only need to transport your firearm to the shooting range or on a hunting trip the soft case is versatile to use.

The soft tactical cases offer fantastic protection for your long gun. Further, it provides loads of added space and holds multiple accessories from your firearm, ammunition, and magazines. So make sure to check the top 15 best rifle cases out now and pick one suitable for your needs now.


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