How does a biometric gun safe work?

Biometric technology is based on unique human characteristics. Today, biometric authentication can be implemented on any system and it is considered to be one of the most powerful security solution, since everyone has unique characteristics such as signature, vein, fingerprint, hand geometry, iris, retina, voice waves and DNA.

Biometric systems provide security solution that is close to 100 per cent successful and since physical and behavioral characteristics are impossible to forget or change, biometric systems are almost impossible to hack. They are certainly safer than other classical methods such as keys and passwords.

Though biometric technology has been known for a long time, security systems such as biometric gun safe have only been introduced to the public recently. Regardless of any differences, all biometric systems follow three similar steps in the authentication process.

  • Enrollment

This is where an individual’s basic information is recorded and his or her personal traits are captured.

  • Storage

In this stage, the recorded traits or characteristics are converted to graphics or codes that are then analyzed and stored in the biometric system.

  • Comparison

large biometric gun safe

This is a very important step in the authentication process. The biometric system compares the recorded data with the characteristics or traits displayed at that moment and depending on the result it either rejects or accepts a person’s access to the safe or vehicle, building or a room using a biometric system.

The above three steps are only possible using three components; a software, a computer and a sensor.

How biometric gun safes work

If you own a gun, it is important that you keep it in a safe place and there is nowhere safer than in a biometric safe gun. They are designed to keep one or more guns away from access by the public. They can either be kept in offices, homes, banks, locker rooms or any other convenient place and they can be used to protect a gun from theft, floods, fire among other hazards.

Biometric technology has been integrated in different types of gun safes even the smallest ones. They make use of a person’s fingerprint to authenticate making them impossible to hack. Depending on the shape and size of the safe, there is a tiny display where a user places his or her finger to be recognized. To increase the security level, there are some gun safes that combine biometric technology with regular cipher suites.

When the biometric system is scanning an individual’s fingerprint, the pattern ridges and lines on the finger are what is pre scanned during the enrolment phase. The data is recorded and saved as an encrypted key in a tiny computer system. Since it is impossible to duplicate fingerprints, biometric gun safes are deemed to be the most secure place to store a gun.

small biometric gun safe

The best place to keep a biometric gun safe

You should know that heavy architectural items including slabs can destabilize the temperature of a gun safe which means that you should place the gun safe in an open area away from extreme temperatures or humidity. The best place to store a gun safe that is being protected from theft is in the upper stories, spaces between windows or in the basement. Closed installations are also ideal locations to keep a biometric gun safe.

Biometric gun safes are indeed practical, secure and safe, in addition to that they are also lightweight and affordable. Investing in one will protect your gun, guests, children as well as yourself in case of theft, fire or any other natural hazard.


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