10 Reasons To Buy a Gun Safe For Your Home in 2019

If you thought that a gun safe is only meant to keep your firearms safe to prevent theft or accidents in your home, you’re wrong. A gun safe is specially designed to do a lot more than that. There are very important reasons as to why you should spend your money buying one of these bulky and heavily secured safes.


Read on to find 10 good reasons as to why you should buy a gun safe. You’ll be shocked to discover some crucial reasons for buying a gun safe that you never thought really mattered.


  1. To Protect Your Firearms From Theft

Gun safes that are equipped with advanced security features such as multiple lockers and double steel doors make them impenetrable to criminals. You’ve probably heard of cases where burglars steal firearms from homes and use them in criminal activities.


Furthermore, guns are valuable items and of course, you cannot risk losing your hard earned cash. Some guns are even of sentimental value and you surely can’t afford losing them to some ruthless thieves.


It’s important to buy a gun safe as it’s the only guaranteed way to secure your firearms.


  1. To Keep Your Guns Out Of Your Children’s Reach

If you go through the statistics, you’ll find out that thousands of children are killed each year because of poorly stored firearms. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to ensure your kids’ safety by prohibiting them from accessing your firearms at home. This is where the gun safe comes in handy.


When you buy a gun safe, you practically eliminate the chances of accidental firings, preventing unintentional killings or injuries. In other words, they are child-proof.


  1. To Protect Your Guns From Fire

We all know how destructive fire accidents can be. Considering that your firearms are valuable possessions, it’s important to prevent them from being damaged by household fires.


You should consider purchasing a gun safe with a good fire rating to reduce the risk of fire damages. Good quality gun safes with good fire rating are capable of resisting temperatures as high as 1800-degrees Fahrenheit.

household gun safe

  1. To Have Quick Access To Your Firearms

If you possess a gun to protect your home from intruders, then you know how important quick access to the gun is.


Most gun safes have locks that can easily be opened in split seconds. Furthermore, if you’ve been keeping your firearms in different storage cases with different locks, you might not have quick access to them as you’ll be required to use a key each time. And that’s the advantage of having a gun safe as all your firearms are kept in one place where you only need to open a single lock.


  1. To Protect Other Valuables

Gun safes can store much more than just guns. If you’ve got valuable possessions that you want protected from theft and fires, then you should buy a gun safe.


Gun safes are literally secure places to store valuables such as jewelry, gold and silver financial assets, bonds, stock certificates, titles, educational certificates, passports, photos, birth certificates, tax records and just anything you feel is not worth losing.


  1. To Comply With Child Access Prevention Laws

Different laws have been created to prevent access of firearms by children, and the Child Access Prevention Law is one of them. According to the law, gun owners must keep their guns in safe and secure places such as gun safes so that children cannot have access to them.


There are penalties for allowing children access guns and you may face criminal liability charges for negligent storage.


A gun safe not only helps prevent your own children from accessing your guns, but also protects other young children who visit your home.


  1. To Comply With Firearm Locking Device Laws

Most states have laws in place that require you to lock up your firearms in a safe place, preferably a certified gun safe, even if you don’t have children. These laws ensure that all firearms are kept safe in one place.


  1. Protection From Lawsuits

When someone steals your gun and uses it to perform criminal activities, especially those that involve killing people, a lawsuit may be filed against you. A gun safe offers protection in legal circumstances and insurance claim disputes. With a gun safe, you are able to demonstrate that you took the necessary measures to safely and securely your guns.


  1. It’s a Requirement by Your Insurance Company

You many need an additional insurance policy in order to be fully covered. And to be fully covered, your insurance company may require you to lock your guns in a safe, secure, and certified safe, most importantly, one with an alarm. Providing a safe certification to your insurance company enables fast compensation for losses incurred during theft or damage.


  1. To Protect Your Firearm Ownership Rights

Poor gun responsibility can have a negative impact on your gun ownership. You can be sued due to improper handling of guns, especially if an accident occurs. Locking up your guns is a good way to demonstrate responsible gun ownership.


Don’t let yourself get caught up in the state laws, become a gun theft victim or put your children in grave danger. Buy a gun safe today for maximum protection of your firearms as well as your most valuable possessions.

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