How to Store Jewelry and Valuables at Home

Storing your jewelry and valuables in a safe is the best way to protect it from damage or theft. However, what should you do if you do not need to buy a big safe to keep bits and pieces of jewels and cash? By following the steps here, you can keep your precious items looking […]

Can a gun safe be too dry?

You have to take care of your gun safes. It can neither be to dry or too humid. So, can a gun safe too dry? Yes, but it does not pose as much of a problem as moisture. A hydrometer is a tool you should be using to keep a precise watch of your gun […]

Can a house floor support a gun safe?

You are in a state of panic and ordered a 900-pound gun safe that measures 3.5 feet wide and 2.5 feet deep. The safe is arriving in three days, and you are worried it will crack the floor. Your wife wants you to cancel the order she is afraid everything is going to tumble through. […]

How do you waterproof a gun safe?

Does a waterproof gun safe exist? You may have thought about this question often as a firearm owner. The answer, NO safe is watertight. Many manufacturers claim that the safes they sell have a waterproof design to keep water out. When buying a high-quality gun safe, the supplier uses a “Palusol Seal” around the door. […]

Is a gun safe tax deductible in the United States?

Investing in a gun safe to store your weapon is a significant investment. However, there are other reasons why you need to have one as a firearm owner. First, you need to comply with the Child Access Prevention Laws to prevent access to the guns. As per the law, you need to keep the weapon […]

Can you use a gun safe as a Faraday cage?

With everything going on in the world, you do not want to be unprepared for anything that may come your way. Why, because humans are the cause of mass destruction and unfortunately it is we who have nothing to do with the devastation that suffers. So why is everyone asking this critical question if you […]

Can you change the combination on a gun safe?

You have bought yourself a new gun safe and used it for more than a week, but now you have forgotten the combination to open it. The concern on your mind is if you can change the combination of the safe. Maybe you were not security-minded, and yet you know the safe is a valuable […]

How do you EMP proof a gun safe?

The most significant threat ignored by many gun owners is an Electromagnetic Pulse Attack. With an EMP, it can lead to a security catastrophe. It will cause a nation’s electronic systems to shut down the power grid, supply mechanisms and cripple a country. The system will go haywire when interacting with the electromagnetic shock particles whether […]

Can I put a gun safe in a mobile home?

Well, theoretically speaking you should be able to install a gun safe in a mobile home! But before you go ahead there are a few factors to consider as discussed in this blog. Do you already own a gun safe and are considering buying a new home? Or are you planning to buy one now […]

How much does a gun safe weigh?

A firearm, important documents, and heirlooms are some of the things that are better protected in a safe. There are various gun safes available in the market ranging from portable, large, small, wall, bedside safe and many more. However, we usually get dragged by the ones that look funky without worrying about the gun safe weighs. […]