Stack On 22 Gun Safe Review

Keeping firearms in your home is a big decision and speaking to your family might not be a foolproof way to successfully store your guns safely. Gun safes are the best way to keep your kids, guests and other family members, safe while in your house. If you want to keep your guns safe and secure, you should consider getting the Stack on 22 gun safe which features a drill resistant, hardened steel plate and a two way door with 6 locking points. This safe from Stack On company accommodates up to 22 rifles, or 11 guns. It’s designed with four adjustable shelves, standoffs for the scoped guns, gun barrel rests, and a flush mount bottom for an easy floor attachment.

What makes this gun safe stand out from other gun safes in its’ price range, is its’ fully convertible nature and the electronic lock which features operational lights. The electronic lock features light indicators for incorrect key entry and low battery. In addition to that, the Stack On 22 gun safe is approved by Department of Justice as fully meeting all of their standards for gun safety.


Build Quality

The Stack On 22 gun safe is very solidly built and weighs at about 250 pounds. It has a lot of steel going into its’ sturdy construction. Even its’ sides are all steel plated. Since its’ made of a rather strong steel material, the safe cannot be easily broken into, and is capable of securing your firearms and valuables. Moreover, because of its’ sturdy build, it will not easily tip or fall over. With the children chasing the pets, and pets playing around the house, you never really know what might happen in case they accidentally run into the gun safe’s side. As you well know, restoring guns is rather expensive, fortunately, with this gun safe you will never have to worry about restoring the guns because of damages caused by the safe tipping or falling over. If you are tired of the poor quality gun safes which are weak and flimsy, this is the ideal choice for you. The safe even has a bolt on design, and after you secure it to the floor or wall in your house, you will feel confident knowing it’ll never be moved.


Space is another important feature to consider when buying a gun safe. Do not buy a safe that’s too small to fit all your guns and valuables. This gun safe from Stack On is over 50″ tall, and offers adequate space for your rifles and guns. The interior of this gun safe measures at around 11 cubic ft, and one can place the taller guns inside without ever worrying about scraping the safe’s top or damaging the guns. It also comes with 4 easily adjustable shelves which means that whenever you need some more space, you can simply re-position the shelves and enjoy a little more space. The shelves also fit around the taller guns, and can hold the gun barrels in place thus prevent slipping. More shelves can be added if you’re looking for this gun safe to be only for smaller firearms or other small items/goods.

The Stack On 22 Safe features a new door storage organizer which maximizes storage. The door storage system includes some removable and zippered bags which let users pack and store their gear in a short time. There’s also a large document pocket and some removable holsters for storing pistols.


This is a very sleek and attractive gun safe which would make a great addition to your closet or the storage space. The safe’s exterior has a black matte finish which is absolutely beautiful. The safe’s exterior also features black electronic lock keypad along with an elegant looking handle. On the inside, the safe’s interior is completely carpeted with gray upholstery to protect your guns and valuables from scratches, dents and dings. The upholstery does not only protect the firearms, but it also muffles sounds very well. The interior is also fully customizable which means that you can customize the space to fit your particular needs; the 4 horizontal shelves which the safe comes with, are all removable and adjustable, while its’ center vertical divider, is a fixed or permanent feature.

StackOn 22 Gun Cabinet
StackOn 2 Gun Safe

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The Stack On 22 gun safe meets the highest standards of safety as set by the various government establishments. The gun safe features a 3 number combination lock with a two way locking system. The electronic lock build has a drill-resistant steel plate behind it which can prevent anybody from getting in using any kind of power drill. In terms of the safety components, this safe uses 2 way locking bolts which are made of solid one inch steel located on the safe’s opening side of door. It also has 6 locking points wherein the 1 inch metal pieces latch onto, for the best protection of your guns and valuables. In addition to the aforementioned security features, the safe’s hinges are properly concealed so that prying hands can not easily pry them open; the hinge side steel dead bolts offer added security.

The locking mechanism of this safe is almost impossible to break. However, it’s advisable to bolt the gun safe down, or secure it onto the floor or wall since it can be lifted away by 2 men who are bent on stealing your valuables and guns.

Packaging and Shipping

For those who are concerned about packaging, shipping and delivery, you should know that this gun safe is shipped through freight trucking service. The shipping company will contact you in order to schedule the delivery appointment, therefore make sure there’s someone at home at the delivery time you scheduled. It’s recommended to have some assistance available to help you move the gun safe to its’ final location. That said, you should know that the packaging for Stack On SS 22 MB is very solid, and your item will be delivered in perfect condition.

Size and Dimensions

Knowing the real size of a gun safe and not just internal storage capacity claims made by the that the manufacturer, can help you get a good idea of what you’ll be able to safely fit inside. The safe’s external dimensions measure at 59″ high, 26.82″ wide, and 17.63″ deep. Well, in centimeters this is approximately 150 by 68 by 44.8. The internal dimensions measure at 54.96″ high, 26.61″ wide, and 14.83″ deep. The height allows for easy storage of long rifles and other types of long guns; as mentioned earlier the safe can hold guns with a height of of up to 54″ however, squeezing anything that’s longer than that, is almost impossible.

Extra Features

The gun safe comes with instructions which are simple and easy to follow. The instructions come with numerous different pictures which explain how to assemble, how to attach the safe onto the floor or wall, and how to adjust the shelves. Most users say that it takes about one hour or less to unpack the item, assemble and attach it onto the wall or floor. That said, you should know that some users might experience some problems figuring out the safe’s shelves, even with the easy to follow and clear instructions. Stack On does not mark which exact side of the shelf is bottom and which side is top, however, this should only add 1 or 2 minutes to your the entire installation time. Users even have the choice of completely removing the shelves; while this gives you some more space, you will still have to deal with barrels rubbing against one another.

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To keep the long guns properly organized there is the special Stack On patented barrel rests which don’t compress or even deteriorate over time. In addition to that, there is the patented standoffs which are ideal for easier storage and better protection of the scoped long rifles; this provides 1 position of storage instead of taking up 2 or 3 times the amount of space in the safe.


A strong gun safe brand should be able to offer a warranty to its’ customers. Stack On is a strong and dependable brand, and it offers different types of warranties to its’ clients depending on the item you purchase from them. The warranties they offer range from 1 year limited warranty, to a lifetime warranty. The prices vary and depend on the quality and features of the item or safe you buy. The Stack On 22 gun safe is no exception and comes with a good warranty. That said, you should know that the warranty doesn’t cover any accidental or intentional damages.


-This safe can hold up to about 22 firearms which are 54 inches tall, or 11 firearms; this means that it can meet the needs of many different people.
-The exterior is very attractive and elegant. The safe’s interior is also very beautiful. it has a matte black paint finish which does not only make it look very elegant, but it also makes it look classy.
-It features 3 number combination lock system with drill resistant and hardened steel plate which provides greater safety.
-The safe can hold all kinds of assorted large weapons including, but not limited to; crossbows, shotguns, auto rifles, among many others, and still leave enough space for storing your personal documents and other valuables.
-The safe’s easy combination access, adequate storage space and high security features, are in total tandem with many rating agencies.
-The solid packaging for the gun safe during shipping, helps cushion the product from damages even if the external carton happens to get damaged.
-It has a really sturdy and solid construction, it has a very durable design, and it is well carpeted on the inside.
-Customers who have bought this gun safe seem to agree that the safe is very well priced and that it delivers good value for the money.
-The removable shelves are a huge benefit as users will be able to create a safe interior that’s best suited for their particular personal needs.
-The safe is DOJ approved.

Stack-on SS-22-MB-E 22
Stack-on SS-22-MB-E 22

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-The gun safe combination lock doesn’t have any change key for setting your own combination.
-The other downside to this gun safe is that it’s not fire resistant.


-Interior Capacity; Holds up to 22 rifles or 11 guns
-Interior Cubic Feet; 11 (that is, 18918 cubic inches)
-Locking Points; 6 (three 1 inch live action bolts, three steel dead bolts)
-Number of Shelves; 4
-Color: Matte black
-Lock Style; Electronic lock

About Stack On Company

Stack On company has been in the safe manufacturing business for over 40 years. The company may not be as old as some other more established gun safe manufacturers, but it’s already a very well recognized brand and offers great options for those looking for high quality, dependable gun safes. Since its’ inception in the year 1972, Stack On has supplied a wide range of products which meet the various needs of different people from mechanics and hobbyists, to sportsmen and maintenance personnel. As one of the leading gun safe brands, Stack On has dedicated itself to providing top quality storage solutions offices, homes, industries. Apart from gun safes, some of the major products which Stack On company offers include; tool chests, work benches, storage boxes, among many others. The company’s headquarters are situated in Wacounda, IL, alongside its’ manufacturing and warehousing. Its’ distribution center is located Northeast Illinois.


The Stack On SS 22 MB gun safe is a relatively popular choice for rather obvious reasons. It benefits those who prefer elite gun safes for a very reasonable price, and it offers gun owners all the safety and security they need. The safe is simple in its’ build and offers plenty of storage space and sufficient security; this makes the safe a must have for avid hunters and gun enthusiasts. The Stack On SS 22-MB safe is a truly reliable gun holder and you can use it to not only store your guns, but also for your personal files and belongings. Overall the Stack On 22 gun safe is a very good gun safe which delivers good value for the money. It’s the perfect gun safe for any household that’s looking to protect their valuables and guns from the falling into hands of kids or thieves. The safe also offers great protection against the thieves with its’ strong interior hinges, six locking points, and the hardened steel exterior. This gun safe is actually one of the very best options available at its’ price point.

What is the Best Gun Safe under $500

It is important to ensure that security and safety are prioritized when dealing with guns and other potentially harmful weapons. Finding a good safe can be challenging, especially finding one that is affordable and of superior quality. Therefore, the following is a review of the four best gun safes under $500 and how their qualities add up in terms of service created for customers.

1. Stack-on SS-22-MB-E 22 Gun Fully Convertible Security Safe with Electronic Lock, Matte Black

The Stack-on SS-22 MB Gun safe is both tested and listed among California`s firearms protection devices that meet the required safety standards required. With a uniquely carpeted interior, the safe weighs approximately 245 pounds and comes with a 2-way locking system that allows for digital and manual locking. Characterized by its large and reinforced steel bolts, the safe guarantees additional security for your priced firearm as well as durability due to well-patented barrels designed to accommodate rifles and shotguns as well. The product is convenient for clients with ammo and rifle storage needs as it offers quality for money especially due to its size and durability.

This gun and ammo safe is a consumer favorite due to its affordable price and ability to perform various functions at home. Additionally, it is difficult to lose keys as it comes with spare keys to its manual lock mode. This makes it difficult to exploit weaknesses in the safe which is reinforced with quality steel material to nullify the risk of break-ins. Further, the low charge and tamper- notifications make this safe appealing to most customers as it further nullifies the threat of security breaches.

Stack-on SS-22-MB-E 22
Stack-on SS-22-MB-E 22

Read our ‘in depth’ review of the StackOn 22 Gun Safe


2 Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652

The safe brags of a futuristic and slim design that enhances its storage capabilities, especially for long-length rifles. The safe can impressively store up to 120 fingerprints which goes a long way in reinforcing security. In addition to being CA DOJ approved, the safe comes with a battery and two back up keys as well. The safe`s digital capabilities make it an instant hit with consumers as the safe can inform you immediately it has been tampered with and also when in need of charging.

The fingerprint scanner capability is impressive considering it is tamperproof. This offers you the much-needed reassurance of consistent performance especially in storing guns, rifles, and ammo. The manufacturers recently added a security feature that enables it to be mounted through its six mounting points to reinforce security. In addition to increased shelve space, this affordable safe is capable of being personalized to meet your personal needs i.e. you can add shelves to increase its handgun capacity. Therefore, for short guns, the safe offers extreme value for money given it can comfortably hold up to five handguns and ammo. However, the safe is not the best option when it comes to rifles with scope due to the length and additional gun details.

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652
Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652


3. First Alert 2092DF Waterproof 1-Hour Fire Safe with Digital Lock, 1.3 Cubic Feet, Gray

This modern design safe comes with an adjustable and removable shelve that allows you to arrange your rifles and ammunition as preferred. The model comes in three different sizes, the 0.94, 1.31 and 2.14 Cubic sizes to ensure you have a variety to select from based on your preferences and storage needs. In addition to all the modern features, the safe is fire resistant for an hour with temperatures not exceeding 1700 degrees. This means all your prized possession will be secure even in the event of a fire. The safe is pry-resistant as it comes with a programmable lock and an override key to reinforce its security and make it more resistant to tampering. The safe can be used for other purposes apart from storing guns and ammo since it is designed to safeguard all your property from the risk of theft and destruction.

The safe is a consumer favorite due to its ability to assure users of continued use even in the occurrence of adversities such as fires or the risk of water sprinklers when the fire alarm goes off. Further, the different sizes ensure that consumers have a variety to select from depending on their needs and preferences.

First Alert 2092DF Waterproof 1-Hour Fire Safe
First Alert 2092DF Waterproof 1-Hour Fire Safe


4. The GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe

The GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe has many features that make it a great buy under $500. First, the safe has a 360-degree fingerprint scanner that is capable of holding and detecting multiple fingerprints. With additional security options, the device can be linked to a wristband, sticker label or ring (sold separately) to ensure you are always in the know in case anyone tampers with the safe.

The modern design safe boasts of two USB ports for connecting accessories or charging various devices while its battery is backed up with an automatic shut off switch. Additionally, its aluminum shell is reinforced with mounting holes that enable you to mount the safe in virtually any orientation. The safe comes with a neoprene interior that safeguards your firearm from scratches. In addition to the secure and state of the art interior, the GunBox comes with a fairly loud (adjustable) alert and notification system that emits a loud alarm whenever the unit is tampered with.

The safe is among the most preferred rifle and ammo storage safes due to its portability and alternative uses. The Gunbox`s light and portable design enables you to move around with it whether to your office, home or even car. As mentioned earlier, it can be used to charge other electronic devices whether in the office of the car. Most importantly, the safe is FAA approved which qualifies it for use during travel and airport security checks.

The GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe
The GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe



There are many options to choose from when it comes to the best safes under $500. First, you must consider the level of security and safety. This is important as it not only protects you but also your family and friends from unprecedented risks associated with mishandling of rifles. The above-mentioned safes have different benefits and values they add to consumers. Finding the best option depends on your financial capability, the desired level of usability and above all, the efficiency of the safe.



GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe Review

Every gun owner has the responsibility of keeping his gun safe. GunVault SV500 Handgun Safe provides the perfect balance between keeping the gun out of reach for those who should not handle it and makes it easy to access as quickly as you need it. This personal sized gun safe can store one gun by your desk or in the vehicle for rapid but discreet access for the security conscious person. Since many people spend a good number of hours sitting at a desk or in the car, this vault is ideal for mounting hidden at the side of your desk or cabinet for quick access in case of an invasion at home, shop, in the office or while driving.

This GunVault SV500 Handgun Safe Review highlights why it is beneficial for personal protection. It’s compact and simple size may be perfect for concealing in a fixed location, but this also makes it not able to store more than one gun. Other than the speed of access, this gun safe is fairly priced at about $200. However, if the speed of access is not among your primary needs, you can consider larger safes.

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Installing the safe

SpeedVault installation is easy and can take a maximum of 10 minutes due to its design that incorporates a separate mounting bracket. The bracket can be attached to any solid surface using the provided screws. Once fixed, use the slots on the rear and sides of the safe to mount it on the bracket then open to tighten the screws from the inside.

When you use a high quality 9V lithium battery like the Energizer Advanced, you can get many years out of it. This lasts longer than a standard battery, but not to worry, whatever battery you choose, the unit will give a beeping low battery warning when you open it hence the need to open it at least weekly to test the battery strength.

Accessing your SpeedVault

This gun safe is available in two configurations, a combination lock in the SV50 and a fingerprint lock in the SVB500 that can store up to 120 sets of prints with the first two designated as administrators. The combination push button safe is less expensive compared to its biometric counterpart.

You do not have to worry what will happen if the battery dies or you forget the combination; the unit comes with two backup keys you can use to open the safe to replace the dead battery or reset the combination.

SV500 GunSafe

One great feature you find in this GunVault is the tamper mode to show you if someone without access attempted to unlock the safe. When you hold down 2 and 3 keys for about 5 seconds, the LED will show green or red. Green indicates the last time the keypad was touched the correct key combination was entered, but if it shows red, then someone tried and failed.

The Stealth mode allows you to use the safe muted when you press the keypad. This button is inside the safe next to the learn button; it will still make some noise when opening but is much quieter than the beep.

The foam lining inside the safe protects the finish when you slide the gun in and out. The room inside is just enough for most semi-automatics, full-size revolvers and fit an extra magazine. A top mounted LED light illuminates the inside of the vault when you want to store or take out your gun in the dark; it shuts off ten seconds after you open the safe to save the battery life.

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– The GunVault SV500 weighs 8.2 pounds and measures 6.5 by 3.5 by 13 inches.
– It is made in the US with quality materials including 18 gauge steel.
– It requires a 9v battery.
– It comes with an override key for cases of lost combination or battery failure.
– 4-button digital keypad for accessing the vault.
– Multiple mounting for any solid surface.
– Audio and LED warning for low battery.
The benefits of GunVault SV500 Safe
– It is easy to mount on the side of your desk, wall, cabinet or in the car.
– The GunVault is not as small as it seems and can be anchored to any solid surface for the person who needs a small safe that is easy to transport.
– This safe provides you with the ability to keep your firearm safe, secure yet very easy to access whenever you need it in the case of a home or car robbery.
– It can hold even larger handguns like 1911.
– The quick acting drop-down drawer makes it a great safe, just enter your code, and the drawer releases fast for rapid response in case of an emergency. You do not need to fumble for the grip since it is readily presented to you.
– The keypad is digitized for quick processing of instructions and also comes with a backup key for override purposes.

GunVault Handgun Safe


– This gun safe is however not waterproof or fireproof as it has been signed to provide safety and speed and not the additional functions.
– At the price point, it is not strong enough to withstand a persistent hammering but can keep the gun safe from kids and present it to you quickly whenever you have been invaded.

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The GunVault is designed in a way that its gears are triggered to open when you put in the code. It produces a whirring sound in the process and turns on the internal light. It, however, does not warn when the battery is low unless you open the vault door.

It is now easy to keep your handgun safe and secure but access it quickly when needed. It offers both speed and discreet storage in a revolutionary design making it ideal for home, office and vehicle use as a personal safe. It is a favorite safe that you cannot do without once you try it. All products from GunVault are known to be of very high quality, and this product SV500 is no exception, and this is the reason it is at the top of Amazon’s best-sellers. It is one of the best investment a gun owner can make especially when the speed of access is the main need.

How to keep valuables safe on holiday

Even with just a rucksack on your back, it’s likely you’ll have a lot of valuable items with you when you travel. It’s vital then you do everything you can to keep your valuables safe. Travelers are targets for crooks. It is not that voyagers are thoughtless; they only have a tendency to be diverted and new to the range. Cash, gems, cameras, and different resources would all be able to make you a casualty. It is vital to keep valuables safe on holiday both when you are in your lodging room and when you out appreciate the sights of your travel destination. Here are the tips you have to keep your things safe.

And it’s not just about the high-value items; if you’ve only got a handful of possessions, it’s likely they will all be precious to you in some way – even those old flip-flops of yours.

Having to pack carefully to fit everything in, you’ve chosen everything with care – so the last task you want is for any of it to go wandering when your back’s turned.

There’re some things you can do to safeguard your gear, here’s just a few:

Don’t turn your back!

Thieves are opportunists – all they need is for you to switch off, wander off for a little or even just turn your back for a minute. The greatest safety you can provide for your items is to keep them on your person or within reach.

Take real care when resting and waiting for a train or flight. Sometimes you just have to sleep on a form for a while – when you do, always tie your rucksack to yourself, or at least loop a strap around your feet.

Spread your valuables

Never keep all your eggs in one basket. Your valuable items should be split between your main bag, a smaller waist back and jacket pockets. This way if something does happen you’ll still have some essential resources and money to help.

Use hostels with secure lockers

Choosing to start your travels in Australia you’ll find a legion of Kings Cross Backpackers who are doing the same – and the same ones have opted for accommodation that provides lockers for their gear.

Don’t ever leave your rucksack with people who you don’t know, people you’ve only just met and most certainly don’t
Shove it under your bed and think it’s not getting seen.

Check your cover

Before you leave, you have to make sure you are covered. Check that your insurance covers the type of holiday you are taking, and make a note of the claims number/ helpline as well as your policy number.

Buy a travel padlock

The one tip Kings Cross Backpackers – indeed travelers the world over – always say, is to take a lock. You can even get a small chain to go with it. Having your padlock means you can stow your rucksack safely in lots of places, and helps act as a hindrance to anyone tempted to pilfer your stuff.

In conclusion, keep valuables safe on holiday means knowing your surroundings. Never let a stranger handle your luggage since they might either try to use it for smuggling or steal something from it. Usually, the more costly the accommodation, the greater the security required. The thing about packing your valuables inside a piece of luggage you’re going to carry it with you all the time. Don’t, however, make the mistake of taking your valuable in this case.Your personal holiday is more enjoyable than loosing your passport and travel documents. The passport is your valuables while traveling. Keep your loose cash and transportation tickets convenient size handbag or purse.

See if your accommodation has in-room safes. Because of the possibility that you’re in- room safe will be compromised, ask about storing your valuables in the main hotel safe or other guest lock box inside the safe house area. The first thing to do when accessing a hotel room is to check the windows, sliding doors for connecting rooms if there are any, make sure it’s secure. Most hotels have a small vault in your room and a safety complimentary deposit box. When leaving your accommodation, it is also advisable to leave the key in the lobby and just claim it when entering the room.

What are the best types of home safe for valuables

A home safe can be your greatest home security investment that can keep all your valuables safe inside your home. It can protect your money, jewellery, documents and everything that you want to keep safe from getting stolen or damaged by fire. The best safes are virtually fireproof, shatterproof and even burglarproof so insurance companies can give you the best premium in insuring your valuables if they see that you have a reliable safe at home.

Home safes have different features. There are the standard carry safe types which you can bring about anywhere, and there are also the wall safes and the floor safes. All of these have their special features and advantages though most people prefer the wall safes because these can be camouflaged behind wall pictures or the cabinets. They cannot be taken easily as well because these are solidly fixed inside the wall. The floor safes also provide the best security, but they require a lot of ground and cement work and not feasible to install if the house is located in a flood prone area. Carry safes can also provide enough security, and you can place it anywhere you want. However, because carry safes are the portable types, these are also vulnerable to burglars.

If you want to know how to choose the best home safes for your valuables, here are the best features you should look at.

Choosing Your Best Home Safe

1. Consider checking its Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) rating. If you want to insure your valuables in a home safe with an insurance company, your home safe must meet the standard UL rating required by the insurance company. You will not be charged costly by your insurance company if you can meet this safe requirement.

2. Your home safe must be burglar and fire resistant. There are the heavy, solid and fixed types safes, but these are quite expensive though they can offer you the best protection for your money and valuables. You can also choose the smaller types if you only have few valuables or if you are short on budget for the larger ones.

home safe for jewellry

3. Prefer a home safe that has the combination lock. Safes with combination locks are more secured than those that need keys. Seasoned burglars can easily find ways to unlock locks that use keys. You can also find home safes that have digital keys and have automatic bolting features.

4. Prefer a heavily-built wall safe if you are always leaving your home. Wall safes are safer and are an ideal choice if you are always away from your home. However, the wall of your home must be thick enough to accommodate the bulk of the safe. For the safe, its walls must be at least.5 inch thick and the door must be at least 1 inch thick and made of solid steel. Large and long screws must be used to secure the safe inside the wall for more secured hold.

5. If you prefer a floor safe, find one that is waterproof but made of solid steel. This safe will be bolted down to your floor, and once it is settled, it would be virtually impossible to remove it. So better think seriously if you want a fixed floor safe because you can hardly take it out once you have fixed this inside the cement floor.

6. Buy a safe according to your needs. If you want to protect your guns from your kids, buy a bigger safe with a combination lock. If you just want to store your money in it, you will need a medium size safe. Jewelry can be accommodated by smaller safes. The bottom line here, however, is finding a very durable safe for all the things you want to protect and keep safe.

7. Make a comparison of prices. You can easily find reliable home safes on hardware stores, office supply shops, and home security stores and even on furniture shops. However, make sure you will be assisted by staff and show you the most trusted brands. After you have noted the best ones, compare their prices.

The size of the safe also makes a big difference. A smaller safe is easier to hide, but a larger safe is far harder to remove from the house. In all cases, the owner should decide whether or not it is necessary to bolt the safe down, leave the secure freestanding, or install the safe right on the wall (yes, like in the movies). Part of the decision should be the other measures being utilized by the home to ensure security. A home with a home alarm system can expect that any intruder will have less time in the house and be more inclined to attempt to carry the safe with them. A home without an alternative home security system may want to invest more in the actual safe as the first and last line of defense between a burglar and valuables.

Today safes also come as fireproof and waterproof, which may turn out to be the most important feature regarding protecting your belongings. Unfortunately in life, even the best-laid plans can be overturned by an unexpected tragedy. It is common to ask oneself “what would I try to save in the case of a fire.” The answer should be “nothing,” since the priority is getting safely out of the burning building. By having valuables already stored in a fireproof and waterproof location the chances of their survival are better even than if they were in your hands, hindering your attempt to escape.

When thinking about home safety one of the best places to start is by consulting a security professional like those at. See for yourself why so many homeowners trust their belongings, whether in a safe or out, to add security systems.

Following these tips, it is most likely that you can be able to find a home safe that can give you an utmost peace of mind. Sometimes price does not matter as long as the home safe can provide you the maximum sense of security. If you have the money for a pricey but dependable home safe, why not buy it? So before purchasing your home safe, make sure you know the type that you need and where you can install it. If you have a problem installing it, you can also find in the directories a lot of licensed home safe installers.

How to install a gun safe in a car

Anyone above the age of 18 who does not pose a danger to others can be licensed to carry a firearm. There are different reasons that would prompt someone to carry a firearm. The main reason is the need for security.

Firearm carrying and prohibitions

While owning a firearm is legal, the rules and regulations surrounding carrying and storage of firearms vary from state to state. Some states require that the handgun or pistol remain unloaded and carried in the trunk of the car. Any one carrying needs to know the different regulations in interstate transportation as being ignorant of the rules could lead to hefty fines or even legal action. In addition to this, there are places where one cannot carry a firearm. These places include: the post office, a courthouse, educational facilities and church among others. Avoiding these places altogether is not possible. Any firearm holder therefore has to have a solid storage plan in the car whenever they have to visit such places.

Gun safety

It is not advisable or even legal in some states to have a firearm in the glove compartment of the car. Such storage makes it easy for burglars to steal the pistol as it is easily accessible. Keeping a gun safe in a car also moves it out of reach for children and anyone else who may be riding in the car. There is a need for better storage and this is commonly achieved through buying and installing a gun safe in the car.

Types of gun safes

There are different types of safes that one can use in the car. A console safe is one of the more popular safes in the market. It is installed into the cavity of the console. No one except the owner knows that it is there. For this type of safe, installation is done through bolting the safe into place. It is not portable but it is out of sight once the console lid is lowered. One of the benefits of having this safe is that it allows the owner access to other USB ports as well, even after the safe is installed.

Another common type of safe is the small variety. While these safes are great for car use, they may not be as secure as one would want them to be. They have locks, which are easier to open when compared with the larger gun safes. Keeping a gun safe in a car requires a lock that is not easily manipulated. The best types of locks to consider are the mechanical ones. It reduces access by children or even robbers. While small gun safes could do with better locks, the bottom line is that no robber has enough time to cut through the lock as this would make noise and draw attention. The small safes safeguard against smash and grabs.

gun safe vehicle installation

Some examples of gun safes

Some of the more popular gun safes for cars include:

· The Harley Vault

· The ShotLock 1911

· In Car Safe

· Console Vault

Installing a gun safe

Unlike other safes, a gun safe for a car does not require complicated installation. The safes are manufactured from high quality steel, which is not easy to cut through. They often come with a metal cable to attach them in the place of choice within the car. Once this cable is in place then the gun safe is ready for use. Other safes can be easily removed. This is important because it makes carrying the firearm easier as one can move the gun safe from one car to another. People who use public transport also tend to carry the same safes around for security as well. These safes should be kept out of eye view. Imagine how easy it would be for a robber to just take off with the safe.

The other common method is bolting the gun safe in the car in one’s place of choice. This can be done at the mechanic’s. It is a more permanent safe and should be installed in a nondescript location that only the firearm holder knows about.

Some gun safes are mountable, where one can attach and detach the safe onto or below a surface within the vehicle. Installation of these is not difficult as all one needs to do is mount the safe properly and in a hidden location.

Prime places to keep a gun safe in a car

Under the seat and in the trunk are the most common places to install a gun safe. The idea of a safe is that the gun should be out of sight and out of reach. However, it should not be too far away that one is unable to access it easily. If a gun is for protection, then keeping a gun safe in a car should not be misconstrued to mean making the gun altogether inaccessible to the owner. The other benefit of having a gun safe is that one can store other valuables in the safe without worrying that they might be stolen by robbers who specialize in breaking into cars. The only problem with these popular locations is just that. They are popular and are the first spots to look in for anyone who would like to steal a firearm.


Carrying a firearm is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Keeping a gun safe in a car is a commendable measure that shows the carrier also takes into consideration other persons who may use their vehicle or even thieves who may try to break in and steal a pistol alongside other valuables. The types of safes to choose from are a number and each comes with its own installation mode. While others require mounting, others may require bolting or clasping into place. The key is to read through the installation guide in order to get it right. Researching beforehand is also important as one is able to establish what type of security measure they would prefer. It also provides the opportunity to go through different options in the market in order to get the best for one’s car and pistol.


What kind of gun safes are suitable for a car?

The times we live in are quite challenging and doubtlessly unsafe. This is the prime reason why people feel so insecure in this time and age. And this is also why they have to look at taking their firearms with them when they travel. There are some people, who have to travel through various desolate as well as isolated places, where security is weak, and that is where the utility of car gun safe is of great importance. One has to be quite mobile in this day and age when the world is shrinking and when people have to cover great distances as a part of their job or for other family matters.

Imagine a person who is traveling across the country to visit his parents. As he drives across the states, the issue of personal safety and security would be of great and topmost concern for the person as the days are evil, and one may be waylaid by robbers at any unexpected place. This is where safe storage for your gun in your car comes in quite handy as it helps one to secure and take one’s firearm like a gun or a revolver with oneself to protect his life as well as personal property. There are indeed many reasons for people to look at traveling, often at short notice and a car gun safe is a trusted ally to help one feel safe and secure too.

If you want to have a look at a gun safe for a car for your special needs do have a look online to get the best deals. There are many websites that provide such information in a jiffy, helping you get all the details that you need to select the safe for your gun that will meet your unique needs. You will be amazed to see the variety and delighted by the diverse range.

gun safe for car

How To Keep Your Gun Safe When Travelling.

Individuals who need to carry firearms when in transit need to watch gun safety. Whether your guns are put away under the seat of your vehicle or in your suitcase or travel bags, you have to guarantee its security. First, it should not be so readily available such that it has a high tendency to be fired accidentally causing death, injury or damage to property. Second, it should be kept out of sight so as not to attract criminals from stealing it.

The best way to ensure gun safety is through the use of gun safes. They ensure that your firearm is not a threat to anyone. It keeps your gun out of sight from people and out of the hands of criminals who may break into your car. Keeping guns in a safe is the safest way to protect not just your gun, but surrounding people as well.

A quality gun safe is one that is designed to have an exact fitting to prevent unauthorized people from prying it open with various hand tools. It should have access codes and tamper indicators that note invalid entry attempts. Also, it should have a built-in mechanism that helps in blocking access after repeated invalid keypad inputs are made.

If you need to carry your gun in your vehicle, the Mini Gunvault Safe might just be the perfect gun safe for you. It is well-constructed and can be opened quickly, without difficulty. It can accommodate a pistol, an extra magazine, a flashlight or other valuables inside the small, single-sized safe. The deluxe model has a motion detector with audio alarm that aids against forced access. It also has an audio low battery warning that prevents unexpected power loss. It’s courtesy interior light supports for easier access. It comes with a power connection jack that can be used for external power supply. Plus it can be programmed to accommodate up to three access codes.

Meanwhile, if you need to carry your gun everywhere, Gunvault Nanovault may suit you better. It offers an extra measure of safety and security for your guns while on transit. It comes in two sizes with available lock options. It is perfect for frequent travelers and concealed-weapon permit holders since it meets the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) airline firearm guidelines. It can fit discreetly in any bag or under a vehicle seat. Each safe includes a 1,500-lb. Test security cable.

How to fireproof a gun safe

If you own a gun then it is very important to ensure that it is safely stored when you are not carrying it around as it can be a dangerous weapon while in the wrong hands. There have been so many cases of massive shootings in many parts of the world and some of the shooters got their hands on a gun that was poorly stored. In order to ensure that your gun is safe when you are in your house, you should invest in a gun safe to hold it safely and in a secure manner. However, having a gun safe would not be all as it can still be at risk of other factors such as fire. This could lead to accidents and injuries in case the house was to catch fire. It is therefore important to take the necessary safety precautions by ensuring that your gun safe is fireproof. You can easily fireproof a gun safe by following the steps below carefully:

Step 1 – Protection from Fire
Before you even get to the details of installing your gun safe, it would be important to ensure that you first of all consider the materials that were used during the construction of your house. This would help you determine the best way to follow as you attempt to fireproof a gun safe. If your home is built out of materials that are highly flammable then you would have to invest in a great quality gun safe. This is the only way that you will be assured of the safety of your guns. There are other various considerations that you should also consider before you start the whole process of fire proofing your safe. You have to consider the size of your house, your location and the distance it is located from the nearest fire department.

When it comes to choosing your fireproof gun safes, you should go for those that are rated from half to around three hours of total burn time. The rate ought to be determined by the approximate time that experts deem it would take for your house to completely burn down. On a normal scale, most homes take around 30 minutes to burn before the fire department is able to get there and put off the fire. Ensure that the fireproof safe you get will be able to exceed 30 minutes.

Step 2 – Determining the Location of the Gun Safe
When making the decision on the best place to locate your gun safe, you should consider the most secure area in your house. You can opt to have a secure room inside the house to store your gun(s). The most ideal areas in the house to locate your safe would be in the basement or next to a wall that bears a load in order to gain an extra support. You should not make your safes inside the house in areas such as the stairs, tiles, hallway and wall if there is enough reason to doubt their security. All these facts are important to consider as they will mark your route as you move the gun inside your house.

fireproof gun safe

Step 3 – Installing a Carpet Lay or Soft Mat
It is important to ensure that the safe does not come into contact with any moisture as you fix it. In order to eradicate this issue, it is important to ensure that you lay some carpet material or a soft mat on the part where it will sit. This will prevent the occurrence of damage that may emanate from corrosion on the bottom side of the safe. The mat or carpet also protects the safe from other factors or contaminants that may cause the outer covers of the box to react.

Step 4 – Removing Inflammable Materials
If you find any materials that are easily inflammable inside the gun safe then it would be proper to remove them and find an alternative place to store them. These materials would include paper documents and media devices like CDs and DVDs. These items are highly inflammable and could easily accelerate a fire and fuel it more. You should also make sure that you purchase a gun safe that has a UL rating of above 125 as this will prevent the internal temperature from rising to above the 125oF mark.

Step 5 – Installation of Roll-Out Drawers
This will highly depend on the size of the gun safe that you buy to store your guns. If you have several guns then it might be a great idea to install roll-out drawers in order to create more space for your guns. It would also be great as it would eradicate the chance of your guns being stored close to one another. In making the roll-out drawers, you should ensure that you pay enough consideration on the gun types you are going to store in the safes like pistols, hunting rifles and shot guns. This will ensure that you get the right fit for the drawers. In order to enhance your gun’s safety, you should ensure that your roll-out drawer is also made from fireproof materials. In order to create some even more space, you should store some guns standing upright while the others can be layered carefully on the roll-out drawer you install.

Step 6 – Securing the Gun Safe Properly
After ensuring that you have completely observed all the safety precautions necessary when you want to fireproof a gun safe, you should invest in combination locks that should be of a higher quality. These locks ought to be installed in order to further enhance the safety of your gun safe. You should also ensure young children and any other unwanted or unauthorized person does not in any way access your gun safe. The combination locks will help you create a combination that you should only know if you are the only person who ought to access the guns. This will ensure that your guns are safely stored and also safe from other dangerous vices such as fire that can easily destroy them while exposing you to accidents.

All the above are the important steps that you should follow when you want to fireproof a gun safe.

How to wall mount a safe – for valuables or guns

A wall safe will make it easier when hiding your valuables. The process of installing the safe is very easy provided you follow the right steps. Failure to follow the right steps you can end up installing the safe but thieves will cut it out and take with them. To avoid stress you should always follow the right procedure. You should first take your time and decide on the best safe which you can install. For example, you can install a safe which will be water proof or fire proof. If your house is more likely to be affected by floods, then a water proof safe will work well. The technology used to enhance security in the safe also matters. There are others which will use a pin code while in other safes you will use biometrics such as finger prints. Each technology will require your discipline for it to work well. Always try to make the pin a secret.


How to wall mount a safe

You will need to the following tools for you to install a wall safe: stud finder, pencil, measuring tape or ruler, level, power drill and a drywall saw.

1. Find the right location

You should look for a place where the safe will be less noticeable by intruders in the house. Avoid common traffic areas where people can easily access it. Remember the main aim of installing the safe is to prevent theft of your valuables. The safe will be more effective if you will install it in a wall where people will hardly notice it. The location should easily utilize the space between studs.


2. Locate your wall studs

You need to install the safe recessed inside the wall hence less noticeable. You can run a stud finder across your wall so that you will locate the studs in the location where you will like to install the safe. You can purchase the stud finder from your local store. If you do not have a stud finder, you can as well knock on the wall and listen to the sound produced. A hollow sound will indicate the position is between the studs but a solid sound will indicate a stud.


3. Mark your studs

Use a pencil to mark the studs. This is necessary because after you mark the studs you will know where to dig out the wall so that you will install the safe. The lines will make it easy for you to cut out the exact space where the safe will fit well.

wall safe

4. Cut out a small square of space using a drywall saw

After you have located the space between the studs, then the next step is to cut out the wall and create room for the safe. Start by digging a small space where your hand can easily reach before you proceed to dig a bigger space. With a dry wall saw you will find it easy to cut the small space.


5. Check for electrical wiring or plumbing

After you have cut a small space where your hand can fit, then you need to use your hand and check whether there are any plumbing lines or electrical wires in the space where you have decided to have your safe installed. If you were the one who supervised the construction of your house, then you probably know where plumbing lines and electrical wire pass. But, if you are not sure, you should check first before you proceed. If there are any plumbing lines or electrical wires nearby, you should be careful not to cut them when digging out the space where the safe will be installed.


6. Measure the size of the safe and then the wall for you to cut enough space

In order to create room for your safe, you need to take measurements of the safe then measure the exact distance on the wall. You can mark the four corners where your safe will be placed. The top and the bottom corners should be parallel to the ground while the sides should be parallel to your studs. The holes should be adjacent to the studs so that you will attach the studs later. You should always measure correctly so that you will avoid ending up with uneven sized holes.


7. Cut along the marks to create a hole in the wall

With the help of a drywall, you can cut across the marks so that you will create the space required for the safe. You can start by cutting between the top lines then the bottom and then finally cut the four sides. This should create the squire. After you have cut all the corners, then you will be required to remove the cut piece from your wall. You should be careful when removing the piece to avoid injuring yourself if it will fall beforehand.


8. Slide your safe into the hole

The wall safe is made in such a way the door is the heaviest. This is due to the locking mechanism. You should hold it carefully to avoid accidents. The door should face you while the back faces the hole which you have dug. Gently place the safe in the dug hole and ensure it has fitted well.


9. Fix the safe to the studs

In order to secure the safe in position, you should drill through the holes provided on the side of the safe to the stud. Ensure to drill till the holes have gone deep enough to hold the screws firmly. After you have drilled enough, use the screws to have the safe firmly fixed to the wall. You should ensure the safe has been installed firmly to the wall so that you will be assured of great safety for your valuables which you will put in the safe.


10. Insert the shelves

The wall safe has well designed locations for the shelves to be placed. Always ensure you place the shelves in the desired locations. Always line them up correctly. Ensure the cutouts provided for door locking mechanism and hinges are facing the right direction.

How to bolt a gun safe to the floor in 6 steps

Why there is a requirement of gun safe?
– If a burglar or trespasser gets into your house without a gun, there is a chance that he can steal your gun.
– If your gun is stolen it could be used for the wrong reasons. If any crime is done with it, then you will be in a trouble as it is under your license and you will be facing the charges.

An excellent way of keeping your gun safe from potential danger and invaders is by bolting down your gun and this is a big benefit. By hiding your gun in a gun safe you are ensuring a proper safety and an extra step for your own protection. A permanent and safe location should be selected for the gun safe that can be easily accessible at all times. This helps to keep your gun away from fire, thieves or any person who cannot be trusted.

Basements are generally damp which will create a humid environment and this place would be really bad for gun storage. This is because of the reason that this area is close to heating stoves and fireplaces are prone to more fluctuation in temperature. In case your home is in a flood prone area the higher the safe is positioned the better. Keeping it as far as possible from the kitchen eliminates the risk of fire as the kitchen is a common origin of fire. The master bedroom is also not a good place to keep your gun safe as it is usually the first place of the target of the burglar. So, here are the few steps of how to bolt a gun safe to the floor:

1. Path for gun safe entry

A good location for your gun safe is ruined if you can’t move your gun safe to that location. The weight of the safe is a vital factor while moving it into location as it can damage your home or injure anyone around. A major priority should be given to safety while fixing a gun safe. You have to make sure that you have sufficient manpower for the job and the area should be clear of children, pet or any non-essential thing. These factors could cause hindrance while moving the safe. Proper transportation is also important as the process should not damage your hardwood or ceramic tiles. This can be done by using plywood sheets, which can be laid on the path of the dolly.

2. Figuring it out the location for your gun safe

The first step would be to find a safe and secure location for your gun safe. The location should be such that it should be easily accessible during any kind of emergency. You have to be extra careful for the safety of your children because they are always curious and searching things here and there while playing. So it is advisable to select a location whose chances of getting accessed by your children are very less. Also make sure that before work begins the gun cabinet should be empty.

3. Tool requirement

Tools that are required for the installation process are:
– Safety gloves and goggles
– Electric hand drill
– Anchor sleeves
– Scissors
– Rubber mallet
– Wood lag bolts
– Claw hammer
– Drill
– Hacksaw
– Wrench
– Chalk or marker
– Anchor bolts
– Staple remover
– Dustpan and brush

bolt down safe

4. Floor examination

Check the material of your floor to which you will be bolting your gun safe. This check is very crucial as it decides the type of tools to be used depending on the floor material which can be concrete or wood. Also check if there are any rugs or carpets on the floor. If you have carpets on your floor use a stapler remover or the back side of your hammer to take out any staples that are pressing down your carpet. Now slightly peel the carpet off the floor to see and confirm the floor material. Once you know it follow the below instructions for respective material.

5. Installation Process

– Wood
The first step to be followed if your floor is wooden would be the removal of the floorboard and carpet. The process is the same as explained above by using a staple remover to remove your carpet and the hammer back side can be used to take out the nails on the floorboards. Now below the floorboards there will be a horizontal supporting beam called joist, which needs to be marked by the position of the bolts of the gun cabinet. Place the gun cabinet on the joists and mark the entry holes for the bolts inside the cabinet on the joist. Note that your cabinet should be empty while marking. For drilling purpose a variable speed drill of 5/6th inch can be used. After the holes have been drilled clean the drill holes properly of any debris and fix the gun cabinet with four wood lag bolts. After fixing the gun cabinet in the correct position put back the floorboard, a hacksaw would be needed to cut the floorboard so that it fits around the cabinet properly. Cut the carpet around that area using a pair of scissors and lay it back on the floor.

– Concrete
If your floor material is concrete, then use a black marker or a piece of chalk to mark the entry point for your bolt holes on the concrete surface. Drill holes using a hand drill of around 1 inch deep in the concrete floor for your bolt holes. Take four anchor sleeves, place them in the four holes and gently insert them inside the holes by using a rubber mallet. Position the cabinet on the four holes and secure the gun cabinet with the help of half-inch anchor bolts. A wrench can be used to tighten the bolts in the sleeve.

gun safe bolt to floor

6. Finishing

Clean the dust, dirt or any other residue from the area with the help of a brush and dustpan. Firmly push the safe to see if it is properly secured in place and that it is not moving around. Take a look at the area to see if the floorboard seems loose in case of a wooden floor. After a proper visual inspection put the gun inside the cabinet and safely lock it.
These were the steps of how to bolt a gun safe to the floor. Your gun is now safe and secure in a permanent location.